Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dottery Fun!!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to get together with Bethany and Kassie! It really is amazing how that seems to work out. All three of us live in different states. I think if we were to try and plan to get together it wouldn't work out. But somehow it magically works out and we are able to get together quite a bit!! YEA! We started out with lunch with the men and kids.

Matt and the boys had to rush off to get the house ready for another house showing. Bummer. The people who looked at it decided they didn't want a two story. Sigh. Someday it will sell right? After lunch, us ladies went to paint and chat.

We always have so much fun together. I have written about our dottery fun before- like HERE and HERE. So I won't rehash how much I love it. Again- we got our Starbucks- cold drinks this time- and dotted away.

I mostly just wanted to show off our creative pieces. They are all unfinished. But I am super excited to see the results. I did a spoon rest (see above). Kassie wasn't in the mood to dot today so she did a glaze effect piece.

Right now it looks gray and boring, but it will magically turn into peacock colors! I hope I get to see the finished product!! Bethany did a plate.

Here is more of a close up:

Aren't the colors awesome? I seem to get stuck in a rut with my color choices. Bethany chose these colors and I LOVED THEM!! So did Kassie- as she bought the plate Bethany made. I decided to make another piece, a bowl, using her colors.

Some day I want to make our dinner plates. But that seems a little overwhelming right now. That's a whole lot of plates and bowls to do. But it would be cool wouldn't it?!

It was another fantastic day!! Can't wait to do it again girlies!!

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  1. I love that last crazy eyes picture! Hilarious, though you and I look a serious bit crazier than Bethany.