Saturday, January 29, 2011

Room Signs

So I think that the boys are loving their new rooms!! :) This completely cracked me up this morning! I walked down the hallway and saw this sign on Zach's door:

It says "Nobody come in"

And this sign was on Josh's door:

It says "Nobody comes in my room, but if you ask maybe I'll let you come in my room"

They crack me up!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Science Fun

For Christmas we got the boys some MIND BLOWING SCIENCE experiments. Granted not all the experiments have been mind blowing....but this has been fun to do together.

They have really gotten into it. We've made some stuff bubble.....

filled up stuff....

turned liquids into different colors (acids and bases)....

stirred stuff....

carefully measured stuff....

We even did a volcano!

It was more like an ant hill.....

but the reaction was still cool....and everyone got to make it erupt several times! Huge plus!!!

By far our favorite experiment so far has been the underwater volcano...

It was mind blowing!!!

And the best part is-the boys are begging to do science everyday now!! It's fantastic!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Holiday Season

So I mentioned in my last post how this holiday season has been overshadowed by our moving adventure. We sold our house in November and have been "running" around ever since. It has been a CRAZY season.

We went out looking for houses three different times. Twice in conditions like these:

The last house we looked at all signs pointed to it being THE ONE. First of all, when you drive into the neighborhood the first street is Mason- our nephew's name. The next street is Marcy- my sister in law's name- not spelled the same but still. And the house we chose is on Jones Circle. Jones circle is the same street that Matt, Eric and I moved into. The house where it all began for Matt and I. I would call that fate, wouldn't you? Take all those factors and mix in that the house is awesome for us I would say we got what we wanted. Needless to say- we are really excited!! That now means we have less than 3 weeks to get everything that goes with moving done!! EEEKS!

If that isn't enough to make you crazy busy- throw Josh having eye surgery again in there. So far things are going great!! We are keeping our fingers crossed that they stay that way!! The day after surgery he started to run a fever- which isn't good. But it turns out he was just dehydrated. WHEW!! A little bit of a scare but glad that it turned out to be nothing.

So with those things going on in life- Christmas sort of took a back seat this year. It wasn't a bad Christmas. But it wasn't in my top 10 Christmas either. The day before Christmas Eve we went out to dinner with my mom and Ralph, and my step sister and her family.

Then came back here for the kids to open presents. It was a nice evening.

Christmas Eve we went over to Ronna and Larry's house for an awesome spread of appetizers and soup. It was wonderful!!

Christmas day we hung out here. Matt and I like having Christmas day here. But for me it was a day of mixed emotions and sort of sad. It was our last Christmas in our house and I wanted it to be REALLY special and built it up in my mind and since we were so busy with other things the plans in my head didn't get put into motion so the day didn't reach my expectations. But like I said- it wasn't a bad Christmas....just not perfect. I still made ebleskiever.

We still opened gifts.

And we still had a nice day together.

Another problem was I just had a really long to do list going on in my head that it was hard to sit and relax and enjoy the moment. The day after Christmas we took the tree down and spent the rest of the weekend packing.

And although we made some progress- it made me realize that there is a lot more to do than I thought!! Last time I moved it was just Matt and I from an apartment into our house. That is WAY different that moving from a house that you have lived in for 9 years and have added to your family. :) It is good though. We are making progress and trying to get our ducks in a row. It will get done. And on one hand I know all this- but change is hard for me. Good or bad- it's hard.

The other night we spent the evening with my aunt Mary Carol, uncle Harry, Wade, Allison and Sarah and my parents. We didn't make it to Kansas this year. Which I am sad about- but there was just too much going on that it wasn't going to work out this year. Us Omaha people still wanted to celebrate Christmas together. I had everyone come over for dinner- which may not have been my brightest idea as this place is a DISASTER!! But we are family and everyone understood....I hope.

Josh taught Allison how to play checkers. It's his new favorite game!!

Matt still has the touch!! :)

And of course the kids opened presents! We gave Sarah her present and she just dove right on it! :) It was really cute!

Wade, Allison and Sarah gave the boys a new electric train. Which the boys were REALLY excited about.

Wade has one from when he was a kid that he and the boys have played with. The boys LOVE it. It was a really thoughtful gift. One that the boys will love for years to come!

Over break, the boys and I went and toured their new school. We even got to meet their new teachers. I think that helped Josh out- and me too!! Josh has been the one who hasn't exactly been on board with this whole moving thing. The school was great!! This is the first year that it has been open so everything is shiny and new!! The principal happens to have triplets too- who are in kindergarten and will be in each of the boy's class too. Needless to say we hit it off! :) It's going to be good!! I was impressed and really happy and the boys didn't want to leave when the tour was over! They fit right in! YEA!

Anyway, overall we are getting things done. We gave our swing set to Sarah. The boys were out growing it and we didn't want to move it nor was there great space for it. We thought Sarah would enjoy it when she gets to be a little older. So Wade, Harry and Matt moved it yesterday.

Our backyard looks so empty now!!

Lots of change going on around here!! I will be so happy when the dust settles. Right now things are overwhelming...but all in a good way! :)

Happy 2011!!

Just a quick little post to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! This season has been taken over by our moving adventure....I'll write more on that later....We went out to dinner at Old Chicago then came back home to eat ice cream sundaes while watching a movie together.

We did toast each other with sparkling cider. No one seemed to like the taste of it but we had fun toasting.

Well, maybe Josh thought we were a little strange screaming "Happy New Year!" at each other and clinking our plastic glasses.

But we were all laughing and having a good time. It was exactly how I wanted to end the old year and begin my new year- laughing with my family!

None of us made it to midnight and we all tried. That's ok. I think we all had a great new year's anyway. We are looking forward to what 2011 brings us!! I didn't make any resolutions this year. I haven't had time to reflect or even really think about it. Which I am completely ok with. Here is to 2011!!