Monday, January 23, 2012

Let It Snow?!

Friday Zach's teacher read them a story that had something to do with if you flush ice cubes down the toilet it would snow. So all weekend my boys have flushed ice cubes down our toilet. And wouldn't you know it- it snowed last night. They are CONVINCED that they caused it. They are very proud of themselves. On the way to school this morning they were bragging it up and whatnot and I hear Alex say "Yeah, but whatever you do DON'T eat it! It came from our toilet!"

Oh, my boys make me laugh every day! I'm so lucky!!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guess Who Got Glasses Again!!

Yep! That would be Mr. Josh! I would like to wish you all luck in telling Josh and Zach apart again! It was a nice year, wasn't it? Super easy to tell them apart. Now you will have to really look again. :)

I'll help you out. Josh's are more round. Zach's glasses are more rectangular. And Josh's are also orange.

He picked them out himself! I think he did a great job. I am also SUPER excited that Josh had to get glasses because of his vision this time and not to correct his crossing!!! Can I get a Woot!!! Woot!!! Oh yeah! In fact, the doctor said his eyes were perfect! No crossing issues at all!!!! So happy about that! That has been a long road. Josh's eyes have been challenging to say the least. Hopefully we are past all that now.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Last Hurrah!

Today was the last day of the boys Christmas break and I really wanted it to be a fun one! I have loved having the boys around these past few weeks!! A neighbor asked if we wanted to do something fun with them. Of course, we did! We love our neighbors! Margie did all the planning (thanks again for that Margie!) It ended up being a couple of my neighbors, our kids and I. Nine of us all together. We decided to take the out to Sam and Louie's for pizza-
(Caroline, Charlotte, Alex, Zach, Sam, & Josh)

Then onto Bounce U to bounce our brains out! (quoting Margie)

We all had a blast! We bounced and we climbed up these huge slides-

And slid down them- over and over and over again!

Racing or going together or whatever! It was fun! We even had races through some bouncing obstacles.

(Caroline and Josh)

I raced Charlotte about 10 times and FINALLY won the very last race!!! She is super fast! It was a ton of fun and I don't even mind that I jammed my toe, skinned/rug burned my knee, or hurt my back a little. I really wanted to beat her! :) Don't worry it was all in good fun!

We bounced a few hours and wore ourselves out completely! When a few kids were laying in the bouncers rather than jumping in them we decided it was time to go. But the fun didn't stop there! Oh no!! We all headed over to Margie's house for cake. A cake that, Charlotte, her 7 year old daughter made all by herself!! Impressed? I am!! And it was delicious!!! I would say our last day of break was pretty awesome! Back to the grind tomorrow. I think there will be tears tomorrow. And not just from me! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


Yesterday we had record highs! It was 67 degrees on January 5!!!! In Nebraska- that's crazy! Crazy wonderful!!! The boys are still on break so we decided to do something outside to enjoy this weather! So we went to the zoo! And it was awesome!

I have lived here all my life and have never gone to the zoo in the winter. It's nice! I would totally do it again! Especially with weather like this! No crazy crowds! Close parking! No sweating to death! All sorts of awesome! The boys are still into bugs so we checked out the butterfly/insect house. Watched a butterfly eat.

And then later the boys all begged to get their picture taken with the biggest, hairiest, (grossest) spider!

(((shivers))) And then they wanted his picture too. Ick! But it made them happy so what's a mom to do! :) We ran into a few people we knew. Including one of our neighbors! So we hung out with them for the rest of the time. It was great! We went to the gorillas. And they were ACTIVE!! Usually when I see them they just lay around scratching themselves or picking their noses. This time they were moving around. And it was kind of scary! A couple of them would run by the glass and pound on it. Scared the you know what out of us. One of them even beat his chest. It was scary cool.

We spent a few hours at the zoo then headed home- with the air conditioning on in the car!!! Never in January have I needed to do that! After getting home, Alex declared he was so hot he couldn't stand it and changed into shorts and flip flops. Not sure it was THAT hot but he was thrilled! The whole neighborhood was out so we all headed to the park for more fun! Do I know how to wear my kids out or what!?!? However I may have done too good of a job. They were falling apart by 6:30. We may have had a few rough moments. But it was all worth it! It was such a fun day!! Today is going to be another nice day although not record breaking. I have to admit I am a little worried that this may be the calm before the storm. But we will enjoy that calm while it's here! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve and a Wedding!!

What a way to bring in the New Year!! We helped celebrate the marriage of Deanna and Grant!

They really make a lovely couple and we wish them all the best! We were happy that we got to celebrate this with them! Eric and Karisa hosted the party and let their house become filled with people who wished nothing but the best for the new couple!

And it was a blast! Great food!

Great friends!

Lots of laughter!

What more could you ask of a party?!?

This was the first NYE that the boys really celebrated, too! It was lots of fun with them!

They all waited to see the ball drop. But sadly we didn't see it. Don't know if they didn't air it or if we missed it or what. But if that's the big disappointment- I'm fine with that!

All in all it was a fantastic New Years! I am just giddy that I finally made it to midnight! Since the boys have been born I haven't made it to midnight once! Looser I know! But no more! :)

Happy 2012 everyone!!! Looking forward to what this year will bring! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone