Friday, August 12, 2011

A Magnificent Time in Minneapolis

Last weekend we went to visit Andy, Marcie and Mason (Matt's brother and family). And we had an AWESOME time! We always do when we are with them. They are fantastic hosts! I wanted to blog about our wonderful time, and since a picture is worth a thousand words I thought I would slap up some cute photos and let them do the talking...mostly anyway. :)
The weather was fantastic so we spent lots of time outside playing!
One afternoon we went to a lake to swim. Alex was excited because he tried to flip off the edge of the dock. My heart stopped each time, but he was getting the hang of it....until the life guard put a stop to it. :) Josh and Zach LOVED watching the fish swim.

One morning we went bowling. It was Mason's first time! He almost beat me!
Mostly we were just silly together!
One morning we went to the tramps. Yup, we took our kids to the tramps. IT WAS AWESOME!! Trampolines EVERYWHERE! Even up the walls. Andy and I jumped too. Andy may have gotten stuck in the foam pit and I may have fallen on my face needing a glasses adjustment....but it was a sweaty good time!!

Aren't these the CUTEST kids ever?!?!? I just love these guys!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

July Catch Up

Wow! I haven't blogged much at all this summer. I have been having so much fun with the boys! :) It really has been a nice summer. So I will try and do a quick catch up for the month of July....
Well the biggest event of the month was that the boys turned SEVEN!! Wow! I can't believe I am writing! I really went from praying to make it through the day to now praying for the days to slow down! :) Life is funny that way I guess.

This year we let the boys have their very FIRST friend party. They chose Bounce U and I couldn't have been happier!
They each got to invite 7 kids and then bounced the evening away! It was great!
Afterwards they all had pizza and cake.
And the best part was I didn't have to cook, clean or organize a thing! It was fabulous!! I got to sit back and enjoy the party! I would highly recommend it!

We also had our traditional family party....which I seemed to lack taking pictures of....
They each chose their own cake/ we had a Batman, Star Wars and Wall-E party. Wall-E was chosen not because Josh likes Wall-E but because it had the MOST orange in it. We ate pizza and shrimp (at the boys request). It was great.
Let's see...what else...oh! The boys also went "real" golfing for the very first time! They have had lessons and been to the driving range, but we had never taken them to play an actual game.
It was SO HOT that day....this whole summer has been REALLY we only made it through 4 holes....but I think that is great for the first time! They did pretty good too! Still have some things to learn...but really in golf isn't that how it goes?
Andy, Marcie and Mason also came for a visit!! It is always fun to spend time with them. And I really do have the cutest nephew EVER!!
While they were here we hung out,
went to a splash park,
and the zoo.
It was fun like always!!

Matt and I also went to see Daniel Tosh....
Who I find completely and inappropriately HILARIOUS! Lots of laughing!!
Plus, a night out without kids is fun!

Other highlights...I took the boys to a public pool BY MYSELF! That was huge for me! No pictures here for obvious reasons.
We still love our rats....
We found a baby birds nest in our bushes....
And because it's been SO HOT we tried to make snow out of ice cubes and hammers.....
that may not have been my best parenting idea, but they had a good time.

To sum up....July was just plain awesome!!