Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Summer Thus Far

Lately, I have been a tad frustrated because I can never seem to get anything off my "TO DO" list done. And I couldn't understand why -until I looked through the pictures I took. Looks like the boys and I are having too much fun for me to worry about a "TO DO" list. And I am fine with that -most of the time. I really enjoy having them around.

So what have we been up to? Well- we started out with caterpillars and watched them turn into butterflies. We have done this before but it's fun to do again!

Zach and Alex

We let them go, but they hung around to say a long good bye! :) Which we all enjoyed!

Matt and I did a SECOND warrior dash. We did one last month in Kansas City with some good friends.
Matt and I loved it so much that we did the Omaha one too! This one we did with our friends Ronnie and Amy and Eric and Jen joined us too. It was SO fun and WAY harder than KC. There were SO MANY HILLS!  If you are into that type of racing- I would highly recommend it! It pushes you to your limits. It's awesome!  I wanted to do the one in Des Moines, but it is the same day as the Color Run. I can't wait to do it again next year!!

What else have we been up to? Oh- we went and painted pottery with some friends. Alex painted an A and a monster, Josh painted a plate with money all over it, and Zach painted money all over a bowl.

We have been eating ice cream- but isn't that a given since it is summer? This particular time was with my mom.

Josh and Zach created a great robot costume the other day. It completely cracked me up!

The boys are also doing a soccer camp this summer. They seem to be complaining about it more than enjoying it- but I think it's because its been REALLY HOT and humid. Nothing is fun in 100 degree heat!

Josh, Zach & Alex

We celebrated a neighbor's birthday! And got to enjoy some delicious cake!

Josh, Zach, Charlotte, Sam, & Alex

Father's Day was celebrated too. We had a nice little BBQ here at our house.

Larry, Josh, Alex, Zach, Matt, & Ralph

Josh and Zach even made something out of legos for Matt. It says DAD and if you can see it- they have Matt sitting on top of the A. And on the period at the end they have a computer. Are my kids awesome or what?!?!

We have gone out to dinner a few times. This time we went to a Mexican place where they made fresh tortillas. And boy were they YUMMY!! And fun to watch while waiting for our table.

Old Man Zach has made his appearance a few times.

Alex has lost a couple of teeth. And today he announced that he has another loose tooth!

A while ago Zach and Alex were in a soccer tournament. They made it all the way to the championship round. We were so excited. They played hard in the championship game, but sadly lost.

Zach & Alex

This is a team picture:

And I may be enjoying a cocktail or two....

We have been having lots of fun playing with our friends- outside, inside, swimming, parks, etc.

Alex, Josh, Zach & Sam

Last week we went to the Children's Museum with my mom. They had a Wizard Of Oz exhibit that was pretty cool. We all had a ton of fun! They got to make witches brew, dress up as characters, make things....

Pretend they were in a hot air balloon and be in a "tornado". However I still think their favorite part of the whole museum is the ball area. They LOVE it.

So far the only down part of our summer has been our next door neighbors moving. We said a tearful good bye and we miss them. But we know we will see them again.

I am looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring. And if the house doesn't get cleaned, or other things on my "TO DO" list don't get done then so be it. I am having fun with my boys. And bottom line that is what is the most important thing anyway right?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Heart!

Lately I have been taking the boys out with me when I run. And the past few times Josh has picked me a bouquet of "flowers" every time!!

Can I just say how much I love that!!! It makes my heart happy!