Friday, February 18, 2011

Awesome February Weather!!

What do you do on a really awesome day in February??

You have a neighborhood parade of course!!

The neighbor across the street set up some music for the kids to march/ride along to. After they "practiced" a few times...the parents were invited to watch the Jones Circle Parade. And it was awesome!!

I love our neighborhood!!

My New Love

I may have mentioned my new love before- but if you have forgotten-it's my new washer and drier. One may even call me a little obsessed.....I never knew you could love an appliance like this. I consider them part of the family now. They are the clean and quiet members. :)

And my love seems to be a little contagious! The other day I walked past the laundry room to see Alex just staring at the drier, watching the clothes go round and round. It made me laugh out loud- so I snapped a picture. He cracks me up!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moving: Part 2

January 21 was our closing date. And that day was one of the MOST STRESSFUL days Matt and I have had in a really long time. Our old house closed no problems.....and we were officially homeless. WOOO HOOO!!! And then it all went downhill from there. :) We laugh about it now but at the time we were on the verge of tears.

Our closing time was supposed to be at 11am. The people we bought the house from went through a relocation company- so that put another layer into the process and one that made things spiral out of control!!! Until that day the relocation company's offices were on the east coast. There were really no problems with signing papers and such. Their closing side of things were on the west coast. And somehow the time change made things messy. Their office didn't open until 10am. That is NOON our time!! How were were supposed to close at 11am (9am their time) was a mystery. So our closing time got postponed until noon. Ok annoying but not the end of the world.

Well, in between that time we found out that we were supposed to leave our washing machine and drier behind. We were shocked!! We never wanted that as part of the deal. We wanted to take them with us. But in the negotiations back and forth they added it and we missed it in the contract- so completely our fault for not closely reading the contract. I- quite frankly- was blinded by JUST BUY THE HOUSE!! excitement. Honestly, I was ready to sign almost anything just to sell it. So we accidentally took the washer and drier and got a call from our realtor saying we needed to figure out what we wanted to do-either take them back or buy them new ones. He was very nice about it and the other people were understanding. We felt HORRIBLE.

Unfortunately, they were on the moving truck and we needed to figure out how to get them back to the old house. So we called the moving company to see if they could drop them off on the way to our house. Well, they were packed in the middle of the truck and couldn't do it before our move in but would do it for us. WHEW!! Like I said the moving company was awesome!!

Shortly after that, our closing time got pushed to 1:30. Now Matt and I were in panic mode. The movers didn't want to start moving us into the place after 1:30 because then things got really late for them and it gets dark early not to mention COLD!! Well, with a closing time at 1:30- we wouldn't be done til 2:30ish and then we were thinking what would happen to our stuff? Would we have to wait another day? What about the washer and drier? Panic set in.

So we called the movers again. And they said not to worry they would make it work. What they did was add 2 more guys- so we now had 5 guys helping move us in- AND they brought and smaller truck with them to move the washer and drier too. Like I said- WONDERFUL moving company. That could have been so much worse.

While we were at closing the relocation company's email system went down and there was a long wait for that and then a little talk about postponing things more but our realtor had been fighting with them for a while to the point that you could feel the tension in the room- that they let it go (whatever it was) and we could finally take our key and get moving!! We had an AWESOME realtor as well!! Would highly recommend him!! If you are in the Omaha area looking to move- call Jim Caputo with CBS home. He rocks!

Matt and I still didn't really understand what was going on with the relocation company. Something about they had a representative here in Omaha but that person had no authority so wasn't helpful much. Plus, we should have never had an 11am closing time when clearly that wasn't possible in the first place. Our realtor was not happy with this relocation company at all and he totally went to bat for us!

With the closing getting delayed again and again and knowing we needed a new washer and drier now- Matt and I were in a mad hunt for a new washing machine and drier. We needed one ASAP because at this point our clothes were either in boxes somewhere on the pod - not to get delivered until Saturday afternoon- or dirty. We didn't shop around like we normally would have done or even got a good deal on them. Our priority was that they could get delivered Saturday morning and that they worked. :) And Lowes had ones we wanted and could deliver the next morning- SOLD! And I LOVE THEM...I have never loved an appliance like I love these guys. I am considering naming them as they are a part of the family now. :) They are shiny and beautiful and quiet and lovely. Laundry is awesome!! So I guess looking back the whole washer/drier fiasco it was really a blessing in disguise. Because our brand spanking new ones are so much better than what we had!!

Oh and in the midst of all of this- the school nurse called and Zach was sick. Really? WHAT ELSE!! was what I was thinking at that point! I think he was so stressed from the move (he hadn't been sleeping or eating well) that it caught up with him. So we got him and Ronna and Larry took him to their house and he slept all afternoon.

We finally got the key a little after 2:30, the movers were waiting for us in the driveway, and family came to help clean before we unpacked boxes. Thank goodness for family and friends!! They all worked SO HARD!!

That night we ordered pizza and had our first family meal in the new house!

And here are the boys:

The first thing we did was set up our beds so when we dropped we could DROP!! And dropped we did!! :)

I missed out on taking pictures like I wanted...moving truck, Matt and I in front of the house, family picture, etc. Too stressed out to even think about that! Later I took a few pictures.....

Matt at the bottom our our stairs- FIRST picture I took in the new house.

The next day, I went out and got a few groceries, we unpacked a few things and then the pod came and we watched the whole process of dropping off again. Fascinating! :) I am easily amused I guess.

We had family and friends come over to help us unload it. THANK GOD for family and friends!! Thanks again everyone!! We REALLY appreciate it!! So we are in! And the unpacking began....and with the help of a few snow days thrown in there the boxes are all unpacked!! Now we need to figure out where to hang pictures and stuff like that. But we are officially in! And we LOVE it!! Here is a pic of our new home:

I decided that instead of writing a separate blog on this....and since this one is a long one anyway what's one more thing, right? :)

The boys started West Dodge Station in Elkhorn Monday the 24. Here is a picture of their first day at the new school:

And they love it!! We love it!! Can't say enough great things about it!! We feel very lucky to have landed where we did!! It's Heaven!!

Moving: Part One

So I have been meaning to write about our move for awhile now, but unpacking and daily life stuff seems to have taken priority! :) Surprise! Surprise!

In a nutshell- moving was stressful, as I think all moves are. We planned and packed and sorted for what seemed like FOREVER. But in reality it was only for a few weeks, maybe a little over a month. We were trying to decide how we wanted to go about our move- storage unit, Uhaul, movers, pods, etc. For us, we decided to get a pod and then have movers move the big heavy stuff. That way we could get stuff out of the house and not worry to much about if it will all fit on a truck. So after that decision we went from this:

Our living/dining this:

Thanks to the pod!!

And of course we had some wonderful help!

Seriously, the boys were fantastic through all of this. Very helpful and understanding. They are awesome what can I say?

On a side note...the whole pod drop off and pick up is quite fascinating!! I could probably do a whole blog on just that....

We all had fun just watching the whole process!! Anyway the pod left on a Monday. And the moving truck came on Thursday. Our closing date was actually Friday the 21st but it was in the morning and there was no way we would be out before their closing time so we needed to be out the day before.

We went with A-1 Metro movers and they were WONDERFUL!! I cannot say enough good things about how wonderful they are. They worked hard and fast. They were flexible and understanding and helped us out of a small jam. They were great!!

Our LAST picture in our first house. **Sniff Sniff**

The boys were in school while everything got moved out. After school we brought them back to the house to see it empty for one last time. They ran around like crazy people because they could. At this point they were still not wanting to move. Zach had cried the night before about not wanting to leave. Josh was complaining a lot about it. Alex had his moments too. Moving is hard. We tried to make it easy on them as much as we could. We said goodbye to our home and then went to our final walk through of our new home. It was the first time the boys got to see the new house. They were super happy to see it and seemed ok with moving again. After the walk through it was off to Ronna and Larry's house to spend the night. And the next day was a big one!

100th Day of School

Today the boys celebrated the 100th day of school. It was quite exciting for all!

The boys had a homework assignment of putting 100 somethings on a t-shirt. After much discussion, Alex decided to do safety pins....

Josh did googlie eyes...

and so did Zach.

I think they turned out cute!

The boys said they did lots of fun things at school to having a parade through the school to show off their awesome T-shirts, doing the chicken dance for 100 seconds, making a necklace with 100 Fruit Loops, finger stamping 100 times and writing 100 words. It sounded like they had an AWESOME day!!