Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guess Who Lost Another Tooth!

Nope it wasn't me....or Alex. Zach lost tooth number 5 tonight.

He is super excited!! He can now stick his tongue out without opening his mouth!
(just like Josh)

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Game

Yesterday we went to the Spring Game. And it was a blast! It was the boys first football game! And what a great way to introduce them to football- a HUSKER game!!

As the day got closer we became a little concerned about the weather. For awhile the forecast was snow and cold. That wouldn't have been a fun first game. But as it turns out the weather was AWESOME!! Perfect day for football!
What made the day even better was that we got to go with our good friends (who are really like family). We took up two rows!! Fun for adults and kids!!
And we had great seats!! We were in the front row of our section so we could see everything that was going on and had some space to move around!! (Thanks again Eric for getting the awesome tickets and inviting us along!!)
Here the boys were watching the famous tunnel walk!! Gives me goosebumps every time!! Josh is in the top picture and Alex is in the bottom picture.

We snacked on the AWESOME hot dogs that I have only found at Memorial Stadium!! And runzas and popcorn. YUM!!

Josh's first awesome hotdog

Of course, we cheered for our team. Which today you couldn't possibly choose the wrong team! GOOOOOOOOOO BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG REEEEEEDDDDD!!!

Most of us cheered for the red...Alex chose white. He strives to be different! But really, who cares!?!? THE HUSKERS WON!! And that is what matters right?

We had a fantastic time, until about the third quarter when the complaining began. The boys had had enough. So we excused ourselves before things got really bad. And really leaving a little early isn't the worst thing. We didn't have to fight the crowd or traffic. Personally, I was just happy that we made it past half time! :)
It was an awesome day!! By the end we were worn out!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So the boys started taking Judo last night. And yes I now know that in Judo there's is no yelling of Hi-ya! I am no martial arts expert. That is for sure! But I did learn that much.

The boys watched Karate Kid awhile ago and have been begging to take karate ever since. Do you know how hard it is to find a karate class that is just once a week for 6-8 weeks AND doesn't break the bank?!?!?! Kind of hard let me tell you. Most martial arts places want a 2-3 times a week commitment. Which if this is the boys passion then fine, but who knows if it is! They have never tried it before! I just wanted some class to give them a little taste of some form of martial arts. And luckily I found one at the local community center! WOOT!!! And what is better they have several different kinds of martial arts available. Super excited. The boys have already planned their next class after this one.

Tonight the boys started out with learning about respect and bowing both when they get on and off of the mat. Oh and to clarify who is who- Alex is in blue, Josh is in neon green and Zach is in gray.

Then they started stretching...
It's funny to watch kids stretch. They take it very seriously and do it wrong most of the time. They did some push ups. Ten to be exact and the instructor would count in Japanese while doing them...

Look at the little boy by Zach. Just laying there. Who could blame him? That is exactly what I would have wanted to do!! I HATE push ups!! I know they are great for you but I HATE push ups!! Anyway that kid cracked me up all night. He definitely had a mind of his own!

The next thing they learned was how to fall.

To me it looked like a fancy somersault where you keep your head up and slap the mat. Again I am no martial arts expert. The Sensei (is that what they call the instructor in Judo) went into GREAT detail with everything they did. He would go on and on and on about things going off on tangents. Matt said it is necessary because when they take their test they need to know the whys too. I was in information overload. The instructor was very thorough!

After somersaulting...I mean learning how to fall, they went into their first move. Something about sweeping their leg behind their opponent and making him/her fall backwards. The boys loved that!

A boy named Edward (who cracked me up the whole time- he was NOT amused and looked completely bored the whole class) got to show the boys how to do it. So he got to knock them all down. You would think that would make him smile. Nope he was all ho hum about it. Like he does this all the time.
And then the table turned and the boys got to knock Edward down...
My boys were all smiles. Edward was still not amused. They did this for just over an hour and loved every minute of it!! They can't wait to do it again. They are counting the days until next Tuesday!! And I am so glad that we found this class because the boys are already asking to do other things too. They love Judo but seem to want to do it all!

FYI The Judo instructor is called a Kyoshi. Matt googled it for me. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

More Missing Teeth

I don't know why this is so exciting for me. Maybe I have really fond memories of loosing my teeth- I say maybe because I don't remember loosing my teeth much at all. Or maybe it's because kids with missing teeth crack me up. They are so darn cute!!

Anyway, the day after my last blog post Josh lost his other top tooth!!

We were at my parents house for dinner ...

...and Matt and Josh were messing around and Matt's arm bumped Josh's face and out popped his tooth- which was SO LOOSE anyway that I was surprised it hadn't fallen out before this. If you remember the blog before he could stick both teeth straight out!!

What I love is that Josh was telling everyone that "My daddy hit me in the face and my tooth fell out!" He is a funny guy!!

Today Zach lost another tooth! The tooth fairy is going to go BROKE!! with all these teeth falling out!!

Super exciting!!

And in case you are wondering- Alex still hasn't lost any teeth nor are any of them loose.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Lost Tooth

Josh FINALLY lost his top tooth today. I say finally because he has looked like a chipmunk or rabbit for the last couple of weeks. We may have been known to call him Snaggletooth a time or two.


See what I mean? These 2 teeth stick straight out! How they stayed in his mouth so long I will never know.

The other night Matt and I tried to bribe him with ice cream and/or money to let us pull his tooth out. Up until this point, we weren't even allowed to touch it. However, that night, we almost got him to do it....

Pulling teeth?
But once the floss was around the tooth he would change his mind.

Snaggletooth Wins!!

Josh was thrilled! Snaggletooth wins!!

This morning at breakfast it finally fell out!! We were all excited...except Josh. Well and maybe Alex who still hasn't lost a tooth nor does he even have a wiggly tooth. Josh didn't seem excited.
Missing Gap

And I am not quite sure why. He looks a little freaked out to me in this pic. Immediately after his tooth fell out he was done eating and went and laid on the couch. I guess change is hard. Ha ha ha! After adjusting to his loss he perked up.

Josh lost his tooth!!
And now the tooth fairy gets to come again tonight! Woot!!

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