Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where Did March Go?

Wow! March is almost over and I haven't really blogged once. So I thought I would do a quick little (probably long) update.

This month I have been going over to my mom's house to help her start cleaning out her basement. My mom is a saver!! I've been weirdly enjoying it, probably because I LOVE to organize things!! Plus, it's been nice spending time with her. Hopefully she won't mind the next picture I post. But I am proud of her for throwing/recycling/donating/giving a lot of stuff away. We got rid of this HUGE bag of plastic bags. This big bag went up above my waist. It was a crazy amount of plastic bags!!
I have also been finding some fun treasures from my childhood! Like this birthday card from our then next door neighbors! I am guessing it was for my 6 or 7 birthday.

And on the inside Todd (who I babysat for years and love like a brother) signed it! He was probably 2 or 3. It totally made me smile and warm my heart!!

I also found a box of all my stuff from when I went to Russia- 20 years ago!! I found these awesome socks that were made for me.
All I needed was a balalaika and a bottle of vodka! It was awesome!! I cant wait to see what we find next time.

We also had a sleepover here with the neighbors. It was a great time!! They all get along so great! We will really miss them when they move!!

Our friends Joe and Kassie were in town and we got to spend an afternoon with them. We ate at Tommy Collinas. And I have to say if you haven't eaten there yet- Go. There. Now!! It's so yummy!!

And you get to sign their wall!! How can you resist that?

I threw in the next picture cause it makes me laugh every time I see it!! The boys were posing and Grant (our friend and owner) popped into the picture too! :)

The boys also got their first convertible ride- thanks to Joe and Kassie! And they LOVED it!!
As did I! Convertibles are just fun!!

This past weekend the boys got to have a cooking "lesson" from my mom. Josh is into cooking right now and I am ALL for that!! We have done several cooking classes at local grocery stores.
I think that about does it for now. :) Now I am off to enjoy this weather!! This year the weather has been SO AWESOME!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Photo A Day

Last month I took the February photo a day challenge. Basically I got a theme for each day that I had to take a picture of.

Here are my pics:
Day 1: View of my day. Picking the boys up from school.
Photo A Day: Day 1 View of my Day....a couple of days late.
Day 2: Words.

Day 3: Hands.

Day 4: Stranger. Snowy that day so the only stranger I saw was the snowplow guy.
Photo a day: Day 4- Stranger. Due to the massive snow storm we aren't leaving the house. So the only stranger I will see today (hopefully) is the fantastic snowplow guy!
Day 5: 10 am. I was making cream puffs for the super bowl party that night.
Photo a day- Day 5- 10am. Making cream puffs for the super bowl party tonight.
Day 6: Dinner. I had a sick husband and high maintenance kids that day. So dinner was low key and nothing special!
Photo a Day: Day 6: dinner. Sick husband and high maintenance children means low key easy dinner. Nothing exciting at all!
Day 7: Buttons.
Photo a Day: Day 7: Buttons. Working on a blog post and using a tape recorder to help out.
Day 8: Sun. No sun....
Photo A Day: Day 8: Sun. No sun- but it's behind all those clouds. Does that count?
Day 9: Front Door. Meeting my friend for our Thursday morning coffee/tea date. Love my Thursday mornings!!
Photo A Day: Day 9: Front Door. Meeting a friend for coffee/tea. Love my Thursday mornings!
Day 10: Self Portrait. Holy smokes it was COLD that day!!
Feb Photo a Day: Day 10: Self Portrait. Holy smokes its cold today!!!
Day 11: Make me Happy. My family of course!
Photo A Day: Day 11: makes me happy. My family makes me very happy!
Day 12: Inside my closet.
Photo A Day: Day 12: Inside My Closet
Day 13: Blue. I was keeping warm drinking tea in my blue dottery cup and blue jeans.
Photo A Day: Day 13: Blue. Me keeping warm with a hot cup of tea in a blue dottery cup and in my blue jeans.
Day 14: Heart. Heart shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day!!
Photo A Day: Day 14: Hearts. Heart shaped pizzas. Our family tradition for Valentine's day.
Day 15: Phone.
Photo A Day: Day 15: Phone. "Yell-o" "what up G" "hello, is it me you're looking for?"
Day 16: Something New. My Valentine's Day flower from my boys.
Photo a day: Day 16: Something New. Valentine's gift from my boys.
Day 17: Time.
Photo A Day: Day 17: Time
Day 18: Drink.
Photo A Day: Day 18: Drink.
Day 19: Something I hate. This was a two for one shot. I hate cooking and peppers!
Photo A Day: Day 19: Something I Hate to do. A two for one shot- I hate cooking and peppers! It's an Ugh and Ick!
Day 20: Handwriting. Lately, Alex has been leaving little notes for Matt and I on our pillows. Tey really warm my heart!! I love getting them!!
Photo A Day: Day 20: Handwriting. Lately Alex has been leaving notes on Matt and my pillows. It's such a sweet surprise to get them!! Totally cherish each one!
Day 21: Favorite Picture of Me. Here I am at 3 years old. (Oh and on a side note...at this point in the challenge....I was pretty much over it. But I finished it.)
Photo A Day: Day 21: Fav pic of me. Here I am at 3 yrs old.
Day 22: Where I Work.
Feb Photo A Day: Day 22: where I work. I've been working in this room today.
Day 23: Shoe.
Photo A Day: Day 23: Shoes. Working out shoes.
Day 24: Inside my bathroom closet. Fun band-aids!!
Photo A Day: Day 24: Inside my bathroom cabinet. Fun band aids!
Day 25: Green. Green balloon animals.
Photo A Day: Day 25: Green. Green balloon animals!
Day 26: Night.
Photo A Day: Day 26: Night. Bedtime reading with Zach.
Day 27: Something I ate. I took a nutrition class and these are some of the samples I ate. Green smoothy, some yam thing and something unknown to me. I am not sure I am ready for this level of healthy!!
Photo A Day: Day 27: Something I ate. I took a nutrition class tonight. These are some of the samples. Green smoothie, some yam thing and something unknown to me. Not sure I can handle this level of health!
Day 28: Money.
Photo A Day: Day 28: Money
Day 29: Something I am listening to. Season finale of Parenthood and the 50 miles per hour wind gusts!
Photo A Day: Day 29: Something I'm listening to. Season finale of Parenthood and 50 miles an hour wind gusts!

Whew! Done. There is one for March too...but I am going to sit that one out. Don't get me wrong. This was fun and I enjoyed it...but it sort of became a chore too.