Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josh Lost a Tooth

In true Josh and Zach fashion (where if one does something then the other does it too- give or take a day)- Josh has now lost a tooth!

This evening he was outside playing. As Josh would tell the story- "I was sitting in the driveway wiggling my tooth then POP! Out it came!" He is very excited!! It's really rather funny to watch Josh yell and jump when he says POP.

He has put his tooth under his pillow and can't wait for the tooth fairy to come.

On a side note: after Josh ran around the neighborhood showing off his missing tooth, he showed Alex. Alex immediately started to cry because he will "never loose a tooth" and "it's not fair" and so on. Poor Alex. His teeth really aren't very loose at all. Josh's advice to him was to sit in the driveway and wiggle it. Then POP (yelling it and jumping as he says it) out it comes.

Zach Lost a Tooth

Yesterday at school Zach lost a tooth. It was very exciting!! He is the first one to lose a tooth, and quite frankly Matt and I were surprised. Josh has a REALLY loose tooth that we can't believe hasn't fallen out yet. We just assumed Josh would lose his tooth first. But Zach beat him to it! Not that its a competition or anything.

Zach holding his itty bitty tooth

He lost it at school and hearing Zach tell the story I am not sure what he was more excited about- loosing his tooth or getting to go to the nurses office! :) Ahhh the excitements of a kindergartner!!

That evening he mentioned that the tooth fairy was going to leave him a 100 dollar bill! Where he comes up with this stuff I have no idea. Matt's response was "D%&# inflation." My thought was- if that's the case I am going to start loosing teeth of my own!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Soccer Fun!!

We are now into soccer! And I have to say it's has been so much fun!! Two weeks ago, the boys had their first practice. It was interesting to say the least. They have never played soccer before and have no idea what they are doing. So everything was new to them. The coach we have is AWESOME!! He has 6 kids of his own- so he is really great with kids and knows what he is doing. He started out with some drills.

And the boys all had a great time. I don't think they really understand what they are doing but they had fun- and that is what matters right?

Today (Saturday) was their first game. I thought they did well for not knowing what they were doing.

Coach John huddled them up and did what good coaches do.

And then the game began. I was really proud of them. They tried so hard.

Josh was relaxed and not all stressed out. As were the rest of us. We laughed a lot as these kids are so funny to watch.

And I don't mean that in a bad way- it's hilarious!! I think the highlight for me was after half time and the kids switched goals, after a few minutes Zach yells out- Oh hey! We go to the other goal now. The other highlight is that Alex would stop and wave at us. Oh and our team started to chest bump each other after they kicked a goal or did something awesome.

They are all bunched together, not really knowing which way to go, or what is going on. Our team is the Red Bobcats and today we are in the white jerseys. Alex has red shorts on and it's hard to tell the difference of Zach and Josh. Josh has a red stripe on his shoe and most of the time his shirt was untucked. Just in case anyone was trying to figure out who is who.

It's just really great fun! The boys would look over at us in the middle of the game and smile and wave. We would all just wave back. I forgot how fun sports can be when you really don't care who wins or looses.

In the end, we didn't win, but that didn't matter. The boys smiled the whole time and looked like they were having a great time. It's funny- the whole rest of the day Alex told everyone who would listen to him that he played a REAL soccer game today. Meaning he didn't just have practice. It was funny.

Matt's parents and my parents were able to make it to their first game, which was really nice.

The boys were extra excited after the game because they all got a snack and some juice. They all agree that soccer is the best sport!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls Weekend- WOOO HOOO!!!!!

Last weekend, two of my closest friends (Heidi & Melani) and I had the opportunity to have a girls weekend away!! Heidi and Melani have been great friends of mine forever. We went to junior high and high school together. Heidi I have known each other through church since we were little. We all hit it off in junior high and have been besties ever since. They both stood up for me when I married Matt. They are both awesome friends!! We get together monthly for a VERY long lunch of lots of girl chatting. A few months ago, Mel came up with the awesome idea for us to get away for a night for girls weekend! Who would say no to that?!?!

So Saturday we all piled into Mel's jeep and we were off! We didn't go too terribly far. We stayed in Nebraska. We just went a couple hours outside of Omaha. Our first stop-Deer Spring Winery.

It's a winery just outside of Lincoln. It was cute and lovely. We all got the 5 tastes and were able to taste ALL of their wines. Some were AWESOME some were DISGUSTING!!

Of course, we cheers-ed (is that a word?) ourselves and our time away as we sipped our wine.

Along with drinking our wine we ate some bread, cheese and sausage and chatted away. It was awesomely relaxing.

After we were finished at the winery, we headed off to our cabin at Dana Farms. We got lost along the way, but what did that matter? We were on our own time and could do whatever we wished. Although I don't think we wished to get lost....but that's ok. It was still fun. We had to call for help and the lady that was in charge jumped onto her ATV to come find us. :) We made it!!

Our log cabin was SO COOL! And I am not a camper. AT ALL!! In fact this little trip was on the edge for me...but I enjoyed it. We had running water, electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. It was just out in the middle of NO WHERE! And I really mean NO WHERE! Bugs galore. That night I had a little trouble falling asleep because it was TOO quiet. :) I am a city girl through and through what can I say? But look how awesome this cabin is!!:

Inside it had these 2 lofts that you could climb into.

Totally cool!!

After we got settled into the cabin, we decided to explore the grounds. Here is the view we had from our cabin:

There is a lake down there....hard to tell I know...but it was cool. We walked around and all these little toads were jumping around.

So Heidi and I decided to catch them for fun...and may have gotten peed on by terrified toads...but it was fun anyway. :)

We walked down to the lake and along the way was this sign....

It made us laugh. When we got to the lake there were frogs everywhere....but we didn't catch these little guys.

I didn't want to jump into the lake to get them nor did I want to get peed on again. We sat on the cabin porch flipping through Cosmo and taking the fun quizzes. Turns out I cannot take Snookie in a bar fight. :) That evening we went to another winery. We headed on over to Pawnee City to Schilling Bridge Winery.

Personally, I was done with tasting wine. I like wine...but only to a point. They did have the best pizza!! SO YUMMY!! Unfortunately, they closed at 9 or was it 9:30? Either way, they closed early so we were going to go someplace else but the only thing we could find open was the Casey's gas station. So we loaded up on junk food and headed back to the cabin and hung out there. On the way home we saw a badger. That was cool. Never saw one of those. But then Mel and Heidi told me how they like to "Rip your face off" so then when we got back to the cabin I was a little scared to get out of the jeep. I didn't want a badger to jump out of the bushes ripping my face off and stealing my snickers!! That was the moment that I decided that it is official- I don't like camping. :) And some would say technically I wasn't even camping.

Overall the trip was so wonderful!! Next morning we took our time waking up and getting ready to head home. It was an awesome weekend!! Can't wait to do it again sometime!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for all of us....well, all of us except Matt that is. This morning was a little rough for me. The boys were excited but I was all weepy and sad. They are not my little boys or babies anymore. We are starting the next phase in our lives! After I cried a little bit, I pulled myself together and made it to work with no problems.

Here I am starting to teach again after 6 years!! My day was AWESOME!! I have a great group of kids. They are SO CUTE!! It was a ton of fun!! And Karen stopped by to give me a happy first day of school present. Karen is a really good family friend and was also my cooperating teacher. She taught me how to be a great teacher- I learned from the best!! It was so good to see her and it completely made my day!!

But before I left for work I took some pictures of the boys. Here they are on their first day of Kindergarten:

Alex Zach and Josh

Then Josh asked me if I would take a picture of his back pack. Looks like a little bit of a scene from cops...but that is ok you get the idea. :)

They are so excited for their batman and star wars back packs. And of course I took individual pictures too.




And Josh's backpack. :) Like I said, he is really into his back pack because he is all about Star Wars right now.

Matt took the boys to school and I begged him to take pictures so I wouldn't feel like I was missing out on anything. He said the drop off was chaotic!!

But they made it just fine. Had a little trouble finding Josh's locker but all in all it was ok.

I was lonely without the boys this afternoon. When the time came to pick them up I was really excited to see them and hear all about their first day. I had to laugh because when the bell rang all these kindergartners s-l-o-w-l-y walked out of the door, dragging their feet with their eyes half closed. It was funny. All of my boys were VERY tired....and still are. We have had quite a few melt downs so I think bed time is going to be early tonight!! They all seemed to have a really great day and LOVE school and kindergarten! So that makes me very happy.

Josh said his favorite part of the day was rest time. He got to close his eyes for a few minutes.

Zach said the whole day was "totally awesome!"

Alex said his part of the day was meeting new friends. Then he went on and on about this naughty boy in his class who got in trouble a lot.

So I would say we are all off to a good start! What more could I ask for?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Overwhelmingly Wonderful

That is how I would describe this last week: overwhelmingly wonderful! I have had lots to blog about this week- but haven't had the time or energy to do so until now.

To begin with I started my new job. I am not going to blog too much about that. Mostly because I signed a waver saying I wouldn't blog or post stuff on facebook about it. And considering how much I am LOVING this new job- I don't want to get fired. In a nut shell, the people I am working with are awesome. It has been so much fun setting up an new classroom- all the organizing and creating is SO UP MY ALLEY!! I have been in heaven. It has been a wonderful challenge with the new grade level!! I do have to say it has been really hard to get used to transitioning from a huge school system to a small private one. And I think I am going to get really spoiled by that!!

This week was also kindergarten curriculum night. Matt and I went to the school to see what the year will hold for our three kindergartners. I quickly discovered another hurdle of having triplets. Each teacher held their own session. And yes, for the most part the boys will be doing the same thing, but each teacher also has their own way of doing things. I went to Alex's class. Matt went to Josh's class. And we have no idea what Zach is going to do. Just kidding. After the session ended we quickly went to Zach's teacher and introduced ourselves and got his packet of stuff. And in that packet- I am going to complain here- was the SAME paperwork that I ALREADY filled out a few weeks ago. Granted some of the blanks were filled in but I would say only half was. So I had to spend time refilling it all out. SO NOT COOL!! Sitting in Alex's class, listening to his teacher's spiel was overwhelming. I started to tear up. I can't believe they are going to kindergarten. This time has flown by so fast!! They are growing up too quickly. Plus, I think I went into it with the attitude of I was a teacher before in this school district I know what's going on. But I didn't. Kindergarten is a bigger deal than I thought. So I was one of THOSE moms. I didn't bawl...just got chocked up. So much stuff to think about and do.

The next night was Safe Walk to School Night. This was when the boys got to go to school to meet their teacher. Matt and I were pulled in three different directions as everyone was so excited!! We stuck together and went to Alex's class first.

He was SO EXCITED to have his own desk. Inside was a box of crayons and a pencil. It was like he won the lottery or something. It was cute.

Next, we went to Josh's class. His class has tables and not desks so Josh was a little disappointed- until he saw that his teacher left a little present for him.

It was a cute little bag full of things to make kindergarten a little less scary. Like a penny to show how valuable he is. An eraser to remember that it's ok to make mistakes. A life saver to let him know that his teacher is there to help him. Stuff like that. It was neat.

Next we rushed to Zach's classroom.

He had a desk too. Look how little they look behind their desks!! It cracks me up!

Since we rushed through the classrooms- because everyone had to see their own RIGHT NOW- we went through them a second time more slowly.

Really checking out what was around the room.

Oh, and the other excitement was the lockers! They had no idea what they were and it was a lot of fun to see a big new school through their eyes!!

Alex's teacher is Mrs. Bartling.

Josh's teacher is Mrs. Williams.

Zach's teacher Miss Moran.

Overall, I am really happy with everything. They have very nice teachers and a great school. I am excited to see how this year goes. It should be lots of fun seeing how much they grow and learn!

This past weekend we went to get new tennis shoes for the boys. Normally I wouldn't find that blog worthy but Josh and Zach found Star Wars shoes. They thought they won the lottery. Lots of cheering and excitement when they saw them. Alex was set on tie shoes. He has pretty much learned to tie them on his own this weekend!! Granted it takes a while but he can do it!! Anyway with the Star Wars shoes came masks. The lady at the shoe store was nice enough to just give one to Alex. We went to Elieen's Cookies after we got our shoes to see Drew and get a little treat. Here they are waiting to get their cookies. My boys seriously crack me up every day!!

It's now Sunday evening and I think we are all ready (including me) to start the new year tomorrow!!