Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Last Few Days of Summer

The last few days of our summer freedom have been unbearably HOT HOT HOT!! I am talking daily heat indexes of 110. It has been quite miserable- but it hasn't stopped our fun!

Friday night Mindy and I had the opportunity to go out without kids! It was fantastic. Mindy and I have known each other all of our lives. In fact, we sometimes joke about the fact that we are before birth friends. Our moms used to teach at Benson High school together. When my mom got the call that she got me, she panicked and called Mindy's mom asking to borrow some baby clothes. So I wore Mindy's clothes before she was born a few months later. What a nice friend Mindy was and is! When we were little we would spend hours playing dolls and other various board games like Life, Pay Day and Monopoly. We would also pretend we were chefs and make these really delicious concoctions out of various types of candy. We had great fun!! Life takes people in different directions (Mindy and her husband and kids live in California)- and luckily Mindy and I have remained friends. Mindy is also my SUPER smart friend that introduced Meg and I. So on Friday night Mindy came and picked me up in this sweet ride:

Now if this convertible BMW doesn't make you feel bad ass and cool....well then they only thing that could would be a convertible SAAB. :D

It was AWESOME!! We went to get pedicures then out for sushi. And of course, LOTS and LOTS of chatting- that only girlfriends can do. It was a fabulous night!!

Sunday we took the boys to see Despicable Me. It was cute. Not my favorite kids movie but there were parts of it that made me and the boys and Matt laugh.

Yesterday was our last day of freedom. And with the horrid heat what else is there to do but to swim?

But I have to admit- it was almost too hot for even that! Still a fantastic time. Unfortunately though, I have gotten used to a private pool. It's going to be hard to go back to a pool what isn't just for people I know. There is no lounging on a raft at a public-ish pool. That is for sure!

At one point I dove off the diving board. The boys thought that was the coolest thing ever so I tried to teach them how. It didn't go so well. More belly flops than anything else. But we are working on it. Mostly, we just enjoyed being wet and going off the diving board. Here is a little video of the boys going off the diving board.

It was a great summer and I loved spending it with my boys!! Today I went back to a paying job for the first time in 6 years! This afternoon rocked!! The staff is wonderful. I LOVE organizing and setting up my new classroom. It is wonderfully overwhelming! I have to say I feel REALLY lucky! I am going to get the best of both worlds- mom stuff and career stuff! Totally looking forward to this year! Now if I can just manage to make it through Monday where the boys go off to kindergarten and I won't be the one who drops them off- life will be grand!

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