Sunday, August 15, 2010

Overwhelmingly Wonderful

That is how I would describe this last week: overwhelmingly wonderful! I have had lots to blog about this week- but haven't had the time or energy to do so until now.

To begin with I started my new job. I am not going to blog too much about that. Mostly because I signed a waver saying I wouldn't blog or post stuff on facebook about it. And considering how much I am LOVING this new job- I don't want to get fired. In a nut shell, the people I am working with are awesome. It has been so much fun setting up an new classroom- all the organizing and creating is SO UP MY ALLEY!! I have been in heaven. It has been a wonderful challenge with the new grade level!! I do have to say it has been really hard to get used to transitioning from a huge school system to a small private one. And I think I am going to get really spoiled by that!!

This week was also kindergarten curriculum night. Matt and I went to the school to see what the year will hold for our three kindergartners. I quickly discovered another hurdle of having triplets. Each teacher held their own session. And yes, for the most part the boys will be doing the same thing, but each teacher also has their own way of doing things. I went to Alex's class. Matt went to Josh's class. And we have no idea what Zach is going to do. Just kidding. After the session ended we quickly went to Zach's teacher and introduced ourselves and got his packet of stuff. And in that packet- I am going to complain here- was the SAME paperwork that I ALREADY filled out a few weeks ago. Granted some of the blanks were filled in but I would say only half was. So I had to spend time refilling it all out. SO NOT COOL!! Sitting in Alex's class, listening to his teacher's spiel was overwhelming. I started to tear up. I can't believe they are going to kindergarten. This time has flown by so fast!! They are growing up too quickly. Plus, I think I went into it with the attitude of I was a teacher before in this school district I know what's going on. But I didn't. Kindergarten is a bigger deal than I thought. So I was one of THOSE moms. I didn't bawl...just got chocked up. So much stuff to think about and do.

The next night was Safe Walk to School Night. This was when the boys got to go to school to meet their teacher. Matt and I were pulled in three different directions as everyone was so excited!! We stuck together and went to Alex's class first.

He was SO EXCITED to have his own desk. Inside was a box of crayons and a pencil. It was like he won the lottery or something. It was cute.

Next, we went to Josh's class. His class has tables and not desks so Josh was a little disappointed- until he saw that his teacher left a little present for him.

It was a cute little bag full of things to make kindergarten a little less scary. Like a penny to show how valuable he is. An eraser to remember that it's ok to make mistakes. A life saver to let him know that his teacher is there to help him. Stuff like that. It was neat.

Next we rushed to Zach's classroom.

He had a desk too. Look how little they look behind their desks!! It cracks me up!

Since we rushed through the classrooms- because everyone had to see their own RIGHT NOW- we went through them a second time more slowly.

Really checking out what was around the room.

Oh, and the other excitement was the lockers! They had no idea what they were and it was a lot of fun to see a big new school through their eyes!!

Alex's teacher is Mrs. Bartling.

Josh's teacher is Mrs. Williams.

Zach's teacher Miss Moran.

Overall, I am really happy with everything. They have very nice teachers and a great school. I am excited to see how this year goes. It should be lots of fun seeing how much they grow and learn!

This past weekend we went to get new tennis shoes for the boys. Normally I wouldn't find that blog worthy but Josh and Zach found Star Wars shoes. They thought they won the lottery. Lots of cheering and excitement when they saw them. Alex was set on tie shoes. He has pretty much learned to tie them on his own this weekend!! Granted it takes a while but he can do it!! Anyway with the Star Wars shoes came masks. The lady at the shoe store was nice enough to just give one to Alex. We went to Elieen's Cookies after we got our shoes to see Drew and get a little treat. Here they are waiting to get their cookies. My boys seriously crack me up every day!!

It's now Sunday evening and I think we are all ready (including me) to start the new year tomorrow!!


  1. Fantastic post and I'm tearing up with you on how fast they grow! It wasn't THAT long ago you guys brought these adorable little babies to Nate's birthday party and everyone was oohing and awwing. Time goes too fast! I know mine will be there soon and I might be a bawler. LOL

  2. I'm so glad your job is going well! I look forward to hearing all about it one of these days. :-)