Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls Weekend- WOOO HOOO!!!!!

Last weekend, two of my closest friends (Heidi & Melani) and I had the opportunity to have a girls weekend away!! Heidi and Melani have been great friends of mine forever. We went to junior high and high school together. Heidi I have known each other through church since we were little. We all hit it off in junior high and have been besties ever since. They both stood up for me when I married Matt. They are both awesome friends!! We get together monthly for a VERY long lunch of lots of girl chatting. A few months ago, Mel came up with the awesome idea for us to get away for a night for girls weekend! Who would say no to that?!?!

So Saturday we all piled into Mel's jeep and we were off! We didn't go too terribly far. We stayed in Nebraska. We just went a couple hours outside of Omaha. Our first stop-Deer Spring Winery.

It's a winery just outside of Lincoln. It was cute and lovely. We all got the 5 tastes and were able to taste ALL of their wines. Some were AWESOME some were DISGUSTING!!

Of course, we cheers-ed (is that a word?) ourselves and our time away as we sipped our wine.

Along with drinking our wine we ate some bread, cheese and sausage and chatted away. It was awesomely relaxing.

After we were finished at the winery, we headed off to our cabin at Dana Farms. We got lost along the way, but what did that matter? We were on our own time and could do whatever we wished. Although I don't think we wished to get lost....but that's ok. It was still fun. We had to call for help and the lady that was in charge jumped onto her ATV to come find us. :) We made it!!

Our log cabin was SO COOL! And I am not a camper. AT ALL!! In fact this little trip was on the edge for me...but I enjoyed it. We had running water, electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, etc. It was just out in the middle of NO WHERE! And I really mean NO WHERE! Bugs galore. That night I had a little trouble falling asleep because it was TOO quiet. :) I am a city girl through and through what can I say? But look how awesome this cabin is!!:

Inside it had these 2 lofts that you could climb into.

Totally cool!!

After we got settled into the cabin, we decided to explore the grounds. Here is the view we had from our cabin:

There is a lake down there....hard to tell I know...but it was cool. We walked around and all these little toads were jumping around.

So Heidi and I decided to catch them for fun...and may have gotten peed on by terrified toads...but it was fun anyway. :)

We walked down to the lake and along the way was this sign....

It made us laugh. When we got to the lake there were frogs everywhere....but we didn't catch these little guys.

I didn't want to jump into the lake to get them nor did I want to get peed on again. We sat on the cabin porch flipping through Cosmo and taking the fun quizzes. Turns out I cannot take Snookie in a bar fight. :) That evening we went to another winery. We headed on over to Pawnee City to Schilling Bridge Winery.

Personally, I was done with tasting wine. I like wine...but only to a point. They did have the best pizza!! SO YUMMY!! Unfortunately, they closed at 9 or was it 9:30? Either way, they closed early so we were going to go someplace else but the only thing we could find open was the Casey's gas station. So we loaded up on junk food and headed back to the cabin and hung out there. On the way home we saw a badger. That was cool. Never saw one of those. But then Mel and Heidi told me how they like to "Rip your face off" so then when we got back to the cabin I was a little scared to get out of the jeep. I didn't want a badger to jump out of the bushes ripping my face off and stealing my snickers!! That was the moment that I decided that it is official- I don't like camping. :) And some would say technically I wasn't even camping.

Overall the trip was so wonderful!! Next morning we took our time waking up and getting ready to head home. It was an awesome weekend!! Can't wait to do it again sometime!!

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  1. How fun! :-) And that pic of the frog and grasshopper? in the rocks looks SO cool!