Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josh Lost a Tooth

In true Josh and Zach fashion (where if one does something then the other does it too- give or take a day)- Josh has now lost a tooth!

This evening he was outside playing. As Josh would tell the story- "I was sitting in the driveway wiggling my tooth then POP! Out it came!" He is very excited!! It's really rather funny to watch Josh yell and jump when he says POP.

He has put his tooth under his pillow and can't wait for the tooth fairy to come.

On a side note: after Josh ran around the neighborhood showing off his missing tooth, he showed Alex. Alex immediately started to cry because he will "never loose a tooth" and "it's not fair" and so on. Poor Alex. His teeth really aren't very loose at all. Josh's advice to him was to sit in the driveway and wiggle it. Then POP (yelling it and jumping as he says it) out it comes.


  1. I love his Lego Star Wars t-shirt!

  2. Tell Alex that Annalie has not had a single loose tooth yet either, even though she's two months older than he is!