Saturday, September 4, 2010

Try Again....

This past Thursday, both Josh and Zach had eye surgery. A couple of years ago, they had the same surgery done. Unfortunately, they started to cross their eyes again. So after trying various things to correct it (like patching), our doctor suggested that we do surgery again to correct it. We have a fantastic doctor and trust his judgment so we went ahead with it. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that it will work this time!! There is a 91% chance that it will work- fingers crossed!!

I can not say enough nice things about Children's hospital and how wonderful they were to us! They put us in adjoining rooms so we could all be together. That was a concern of mine. I wanted to be able to be next to both of them. And they made that possible for me. The nurses explained EVERYTHING to the boys (and us), showed them pictures of the operating room and what the doctor and nurses will look like with their masks on, etc. to help calm their nerves. They even showed them their masks to put them to sleep and let them touch an IV. So wonderful!!

Zach was cracking everyone up. He kept telling everyone that he was Josh. He is such a goof ball. They have discovered the advantages of being identical!! Look out!!!

Surgery went well. No complications. And the boys did great. The doctor and the hospital each gave them a stuffed animal. So they got two stuffed animals. Very exciting!! Here is Zach with Stinky the skunk and no name teddy bear.

They were both light sensitive so the hospital even gave them sunglasses to help with that. Like I said, the hospital and the staff were beyond wonderful!! Josh chose a pumpkin and named his teddy bear Mr. Teddy but didn't name the pumpkin. After surgery, they slept a couple of hours and then were ready to go home.

Zach and Josh were wheeled out in a wagon. They weren't supposed to walk out of the hospital. They thought it was pretty cool. I thought it was pretty cute.

Now onto the real challenge! They are supposed to do VERY little until Tuesday. sigh. If you know of any ways to keep 3 six year old boys clam and do nothing- I am ALL EARS!! :) After Monday, they can go back to school but can't do recess or PE or sports of any kind for 2 weeks. I feel a little guilty about the sports thing. They are playing soccer and will miss a game and 2 practices. Considering my boys make up almost half the team....yikes. But what can I do? I am not going to risk their recovery for it.

So I have been trying to come up with ideas that are fun...but not too dirty or that require much physical activity. Yesterday we "made" crayons. It was fun. I had them pick some colors they wanted their new crayon to be and peeled off the paper.

We broke up the crayons and put them into a muffin pan and melted them down into their new crayon.

Then viola! A new crayon to color with!!

They thought it was cool. Not the best craft I have ever done with them, but it was fun none the less.

We have watched movies, built things out of legos, colored, worked in our kindergarten workbooks, read books and played games. I have to admit this is all getting old- for them and for me. I thought it would be safe to take them out to the farmers market and grocery shopping this morning. But they ran, jumped, and skipped their way around the market and store. Needless to say, I don't think that we will leave the house until Tuesday again. :) It is hard because they feel normal and don't understand why they can't act normal. Plus with this BEAUTIFUL weather who wants to stay inside? Oh well, there will be more nice days coming up right? So here is to making it to Tuesday without going stir crazy! :) hahaha

On a side note- since surgery Zach doesn't want to wear his glasses anymore. The doctor did say that is a possibility and he may not need them. We will find out for sure in 6 weeks. Josh wants to wear his glasses but looks over the tops of them. So I don't think he needs his anymore either. Good luck to everyone to try and figure them out! hee hee hee


  1. So glad the boys were all troopers! I want a stuffed pumpkin. We'll have to get together sometime in October, I think we are coming up we just need to settle on a date.

  2. Just reading this now... not sure how it slipped by me. Totally agree w/ Kassie - those boys are awesome. I feel so bad for them (and you frankly) that they can't go out and play. Hopefully is pretty well all back to some bit of normal by now. BTW - that shot of them in in wagon together - total keeper for the scrapbook! Tell them all I said hi.