Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This May Be a LONG Post

I seem to have had blogger's block lately. It's not like I haven't had anything to write about, I just haven't been able to get what I want to write about to form into a worthy blog. Anyway, last weekend we went to Minneapolis to visit family and had a really fantastic time. So I think that instead of trying to write about it, I am going to try and let my pictures do most of the "talking."

The ride up was uneventful. Great day!

There must have been a ton of rain there lately because a lot of the roadsides looked like this:

Overall it was just a nice and normal car trip.

When we arrived at Andy, Marcie and Mason's house we had some steam to blow off. Ant in our pants if you will. So we played outside for a while.

It was fun. Mason is adorable. He loves his books-which, of course, I think is the bee's knees!

Matt and I brought up a 300 piece Star Wars puzzle for all of us to do. We thought it might be a fun activity that the boys would like. Yeah- tad bit harder that we thought. It took the four adults almost 3 hours to complete it.

And we are quite proud of it. We had fun!

The next day, Marcie got out a 100 piece puzzle. Much more manageable for the boys.

We hung out a while.

And then went out and about.

At one point during the trip some of us may have gotten a little crazy with the syrup...

But it was ALL GOOD!!!
Andy and Marcie live close to an arboretum so we decided to check that out as well.

It was a really wonderful trip! We love spending time with Andy, Marcie and Mason. They are wonderful hosts!! We can't wait to see them again!! OH! Last night Matt and I discovered a video that Alex made for Mason on our car trip home. It is pretty long but the video is mostly so Mason wouldn't forget him. He also sang Mason Elmo's World to make him happy.

On a side note, I didn't do 7 days this time either. Not only have I had blogger's block, but I seem to have this crazy creative block too. I think I have been really creative in my classroom- maybe I only have so much creativity in me and I am using it up there. Or maybe it's because my camera is dieing and it's making me mad to take pictures. Who knows?!? However, if I did do 7 days this would have been a great shot for it I think:

To end our wonderful trip, on our way home we stopped at The Mall of America. Ok so here is what I don't understand- we spent 4 hours there and I feel like I didn't really get to shop at all. I think I went to 3 stores! WHAT?!?! That just seems wrong if you ask me!!! I did get a really cute purse though. So I guess it wasn't a complete waste! :)

We did however may have accidentally terrorized our boys a bit by taking them to the Rainforest Cafe. At first they loved the atmosphere. The monkeys hanging from the ceiling, the cool fish, etc. But then the fake thunder and lightening came and they were no longer amused!

Lesson learned! :) Well this blog seemed to flow ok. Maybe this post will break the block! Fingers crossed!


  1. That looks like it was an awesome trip. I'm impressed you guys finished the 300-piece puzzle, holy crow! Tell the boys that the first time Annalie went to the Rainforest Cafe, she was a little spooked by the thunder and lightning and the MOVING ANIMALS too. But now she loves it, and has been asking to go back there again!

    Huh. Commenting on your blog reminds me that I owe you an email! Maybe I have time to do that real quick while the pizza dough is in the oven.

  2. How fun :-) I was realizing how grown up your boys are now! Then I try to imagine my kids being like that and just can't. LOL Someday you work through this haze right!?? LOL