Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seven Days Has Begun....

...and I am a little behind in my blog. No worries its my blog so I can be behind right? :)

The Seven Days of photography (where you take a self portrait every day for seven days) that I like to do has begun. When it started my plan was to blog everyday and share each picture and blog why I chose it, blah blah blah. Well, its now day 4 and I have been so busy that the blogging didn't get done. So here is day 1-4.

Saturday was the first day. Here is my day one picture.

Alex and I are snuggling on the couch. We had a house showing that morning so we all had to get up and go. Not an easy task to do, especially on the weekend. Alex and I were tired and had an extra minute before we had to leave so we snuggled up on the couch. Really is there anything better than snuggling with you kid? I think not.

Day 2
Sunday was busy. But not too busy to get my Day 2 shot in. The theme was style. I had a hard time coming up with an idea for this shot. The only thing I could think of was styling my hair. So this is the shot I got.

That morning (after styling my hair) Matt and I cleaned the house AGAIN!! (SO SICK OF CLEANING) because we had an open house that afternoon. The good news is we had a good turn out. We had 6 groups come to look at it. The bad news is no one bought it, which means more cleaning for me. Its SO HARD to keep a house show ready while living in it and with kids running around. Anyway I went to lunch with some good friends (which was lovely) and Matt took the boys out to lunch- lord knows he didn't want to mess up the kitchen after we spent the morning scrubbing it. After my lunch I met Matt and the boys at Dave and Busters to play games. It was fun.

The games the boys like to play gives them lots of tickets...

Which then gives them cool prizes....

I just try not to think about how much cheaper it would have been to just take them to a toy store and buy the crap they chose. :) Its all about the family outing right?

Day 3
Monday I got a carwash with the boys. Its always a fun time. I get a clean car and the boys laugh with delight and yell "Its the MONSOOONN!!" as we go through. I thought it would be creative to take a picture going through it. So here is my day 3 shot.

This was after volunteering at the boys preschool but before I rushed off to class. Only 4 more classes to go by the way!! YIPPPEEEEE!

So that gets you caught up for now. :)