Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 6 of Seven Days

Earlier this week I came down with a cold or have allergies or something like that, so I wasn't feeling the best. Now that I have found the right medication I feel fantastic!! It must be allergies. Anyway, the boys kept asking to paint or do aqua sand and other various messy activities. I kept saying when I feel better we can do that. Today the allergy meds kicked in and I felt great and the boys did not forget my promise.

So we got out the spinning art, only to find out that the spinner part was broken. Bummer!! We were all a little sad about that. Its kind of a cool thing to do. So we moved onto the next messy project- aqua sand. Between you and me- I HATE AQUA SAND! It is NOT worth the mess. (I also hate moon sand if anyone cares.) I have decided that any type of sand is an OUTDOOR activity....not indoor....ESPECIALLY if you need to keep your house clean because you are wanting to sell it. Anyway I am a woman of my word and let them play it. However those toys may get "lost" in our move. :)

Here is my Day 6 shot:

My alternative shot was this one....but I thought it was too blurry to use.

Josh and I went to the eye doctor to check up on his eye. We were being goofy while waiting for him. The doctor was very happy how much vision he got back in his bad eye, but it wasn't perfect yet so Josh still has to wear a patch for another 6 weeks. Then he will be checked again and see what we need to do from there.

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