Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 7 of Seven Days

Seven Days has come to an end and I have to admit I am a little sad. To be honest when Bethany, Joe and Kassie first told me about this cool photo project, I thought they were a little weird to want to take a picture of themselves for seven days in a row. And who would want to see it if I did? It sounded really vain to me. But as I got into the project it isn't like that at all. Kassie explained it BEAUTIFULLY and pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. If you are interested read here to see how cool 7 days really is. (Hope its ok I am stealing your awesome words Kassie). Its like peeking into someones life for 7 days in a creative way, not to mention documenting your own.

Here is my 7 of 7 days shot:

It is me checking our mail at the mailbox. I am anxiously awaiting a letter to see if I passed my comprehensive exams (comps). Still not here yet so that is why I am sad. I hope it comes soon because the longer I am waiting the more I am convincing myself that I didn't pass!! I am going to have a nervous breakdown soon if I don't get this letter!! :) nah- not really- but SHESH come already!!

This morning was super cool because my friend Erica and her two adorable kids came over to play. Erica and I taught first grade together at Bancroft and became friends. We always have a nice time together, but today was extra cool because our kids (minus Gloria because she is still a baby) actually played together instead of around each other.

The trains were a huge hit! As was playing outside, but didn't get around to taking pictures of that.

And even if Gloria didn't play with the boys, the boys enjoyed having her around. She is so cute!! All smiles!!

I wanted to get all the kids lined up on the couch but somehow the morning got away from us, so this is the best I got! I also wanted to do my seven days shot but forgot about it with all the fun going on around me. :) It was great hanging out with friends that morning!! Can't wait til we get together again!!


  1. Hope you get to hear back about your comps soon!! We are rooting for you from here in CA... -Rachel

  2. Thanks Rachel!! That is really sweet!

  3. Thanks for linking to me,lady! Good luck and hope you hear back soon!