Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beautiful Andi

Last night we had dinner with some good friends. We love hanging out with them and look forward to it every time we do. We laugh and talk the night away. And Katie and I have been known to do a little online shopping as well.

It was my turn to host. It was a little difficult this time because meat could not be on the menu due to lent. Since the weather went icky and cold and snowy AGAIN! GRRRR!! I thought soup in bread bowls sounded great!!! However when I went to my recipes, most of my soups had chicken broth in them. AHHH! So back to the drawing board. After much thought, we ordered pizza. :) We tried a a new place called Frank's. It was good. We ordered cheese for the boys, a White Blonde pizza and their special. They were all delicious!

The boys LOVE Andi!! They each took turns holding her and playing with her. She loved the boys too! She was a great sport being passed around! They loved playing peek-a-boo and trying to make her laugh.
And look...she is getting teeth!!!

She is such a cute little girl!! We love her! The evening was great. It is always nice to hang out with good friends!!

On another note, 7 Days has started again!! YEA!! So here is my first day's picture. This morning before we had to leave for another house showing Alex and I snuggled on the couch. Really is there anything better than snuggling with your kid?!?!?

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  1. Yeah, 7 days! Sadly, like I told Bethany earlier, it won't be as much fun without any Katrina or Bethany in our photos this time around!