Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 5 of Seven Days

Today was a pretty normal day. Which was nice as it seems it has been busy lately. That evening the boys had swimming lessons. I took this picture for seven days and then realized that it was a theme day. But I liked the picture so I am posting it anyway. Its great to sit and read for about 1/2 hour while the boys have fun swimming. If you click to make the picture bigger Zach is out swimming in the blue goggles. Josh is on the side in orange goggles. Alex is on the end in green goggles- but they look black and you can barely see him. Kids in goggles crack me up. Especially the really big ones.

Anyway I seem to have a bad cold right now...or maybe its allergies???...whatever it is it isn't fun. I keep drugging myself with various cold medicines and so far nothing has worked. So as I was sitting with the boys I was becoming less in the mood to go home and cook something. (not that I am ever in the mood too cook- but it was even more so) Pepperjax is really close to where the boys swim so I texted Matt with my brilliant idea to go there! :) So he met us when we were done.

Here is my day 5 shot. The theme is dinner.

It was delicious as always. And as a bonus it was kids eat free night. So for all 5 of us to eat it was $14!! Pretty awesome if I don't say so myself! I LOVE pepperjax!! So good!

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