Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learning is Fun

The other day the teacher side of me got online. I wanted to find some learning worksheets for the boys to practice their writing, math, patterns, etc. I found some cool St. Patrick Day ones and printed out three copies. I had NO IDEA how huge of a hit this would be. They finished those sheets quickly and begged for more. Needless to say I was excited about this!! I tried to find some more, but didn't have much luck. They were either too easy or too hard. So we headed out to Target to find some workbooks for them. I found the biggest Kindergarten workbook I could find and bought three....from two different Targets...but that is normal. We usually have to go to numerous stores if we want 3 of the same things.

We have been working hard each day on them. Its fun to watch their system of working.

Zach is completely random. He is flipping to pages that look interesting to him then works on that.

Alex is going through the book page by page. He is very orderly.

Josh is in the middle of the two extremes. He picks a page he wants, but then goes in order after that.

Its awesome. I LOVE helping them read and write. Not only do I love teaching them but they have been letting me!! Which, of course, makes it even more fun- for all of us!! It also makes me realize that when I do go back to work that I will be happy when I do. For I really do enjoy teaching kids!!


  1. I find alot of these either at Borders or Office Depot as well. Im glad that the boys are interested in doing them now - hopefully it continues. Maya loved her Kindergarten and 1st grade ones and now its like pulling teeth :)

  2. We need more people in our field like you Katrina. I have some good websites that I use in my kindergarten class that I will forward you.