Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 4 of Seven Days

Today we went to the Children's museum with my mom. It was so much fun!! We got there early enough that there was NO ONE there. Well, very few kids there anyway. I should mention that the Children's museum has never been a place where I feel comfortable taking the boys by myself. They scatter and I have a VERY hard time keeping track of them. Today was AWESOME!! Since there were so few kids there I was able to relax and play with them instead of be on alert...so to speak.

For a good half hour we had the ball exhibit all to ourselves.

Its probably the boys favorite part of the museum. (the firetruck being a close second) Anyway, we had a great time!

They had a chance to really follow the balls to see where they went. The times we have gone before there is so much commotion going on that they would just run and play. Today they figured things out.

It was fun. I even got in on it! Here is my Day 4 shot!

This is me as the balls were about to drop.

Later we went upstairs to the construction exhibit.

Alex and Josh got their gear on and were off to fix and build things. Zach didn't want to dress up. He just wanted to build and play.

Alex "fixed" some pipes.
Zach, Josh and my mom worked hard to build a fort.

Josh really enjoyed this sanding exhibit.

After spending a couple of hours at the museum we all went out to lunch.

Then we rushed off to preschool. It was a wonderful morning spent with my mom!! We had a really great time and was so happy that she suggested we do it! Thanks mom!!

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  1. That ball exit is pretty much the coolest thing ever. How fun! -Rachel