Friday, August 6, 2010

Cramming In the Fun

This week is the last week of summer freedom. Next week I go back to work for the first time in six years! Holy cow!! The week after that the boys start kindergarten!! Again HOLY COW!! When I realized this would be the last week we had before our summer came to an end I decided I needed to cram it full of fun!!

Monday we had a friend come over to play. That was fun- they role played Star Wars most of the time! Awesomeness!!

Tuesday my friend Mindy (who I have known since birth) invited us over to swim at her mom's house. Mindy and her girls (Claire and Grace) live in California. They usually come for a visit every summer and it's always nice to see them. So we spent the afternoon swimming.

(If anyone is wondering- Josh is in Orange, Zach has green trunks on, Alex has batman trunks on)

Wednesday I took the boys to the zoo. I went first thing in the morning to try and avoid the heat. It was also membership days so they had lots of fun activities planned.

Alex, Zach, Josh
For example: we got to see the zoo keepers feed the penguins. That was pretty cool and it made the penguins really active. So the boys and I got to see them up close and personal.

Josh saw an orange fish he fell in love with and wanted to take home but settled for a picture with it instead. :)

While we were at the zoo, Mindy sent me a text saying they were going to the zoo as well. So we met up with them.

The animals were so active that day. It was awesome!! It started to get uncomfortably hot and the boys were wearing out so we decided to leave.

After the zoo, I took the boys out to lunch. It is so nice to spend time out and about with my boys. While we were eating I just kept thinking about how far I have come. Two years ago I would never have taken my boys out to eat on my own. Last year, I may have done it alone, but I would have gotten all stressed out. This year it is really enjoyable! I heart my kids!!

After lunch, since the restaurant we were eating at just happened to be by one of my favorite clothing stores (Anthropologie), I decided that we needed to take a quick peek. I took the boys in thinking we would make a quick circle around the store to see if I should come back later. I have to say my boys completely surprised me and were helping me pick out pretty things to wear! It was AWESOME!!

Thursday Matt and I took the boys out to lunch- mostly because we had a house showing and were forced to get out of the house. But still I am counting that as more family fun!

Later that day I was planning on taking the boys to Prairie Life to swim, but Mindy invited us to swim with them again. Hmmm...let me think- public-ish pool with strangers- or a private pool with friends. No brainier!! So we took her up on it and swam with the girls again.

Me with Zach, then Josh, then Alex

So much fun!! And I got to work on my tan a little more too!! :) I really love being at the pool and swimming!! It's so relaxing to me!! Even with all the kids around! They just make it more fun!

Today we -meaning me mostly-are pretty worn out. I decided that we could have fun around here! So far the boys have played with the hose and ran through the sprinklers.

Played with geomags...

We have cuddled on the couch reading books together....

And have created various things out of paper, tape and markers. The norm around here. It's been so nice- especially not having to go anywhere or do anything!! We may have even been in our pajamas until almost lunchtime!! Wonderful!! However- we do still have 3 days left until I start working so I still have a few ideas of fun left for us to do! I think today we just needed a little pit stop before we start in on the fun again!! It has been a blast!! I seriously wouldn't trade this time with my kids for anything.

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  1. Do each of the boys have a digital camera? Buy cheap ones or borrow them, and go somewhere fun (Old Market? Fontenelle Nature Center?) for a photo walk!

    Do you know about the Crafty Crow? There are TONS of ideas there for fun things to do with kids, from cooking to crafts to activities.