Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Game

Yesterday we went to the Spring Game. And it was a blast! It was the boys first football game! And what a great way to introduce them to football- a HUSKER game!!

As the day got closer we became a little concerned about the weather. For awhile the forecast was snow and cold. That wouldn't have been a fun first game. But as it turns out the weather was AWESOME!! Perfect day for football!
What made the day even better was that we got to go with our good friends (who are really like family). We took up two rows!! Fun for adults and kids!!
And we had great seats!! We were in the front row of our section so we could see everything that was going on and had some space to move around!! (Thanks again Eric for getting the awesome tickets and inviting us along!!)
Here the boys were watching the famous tunnel walk!! Gives me goosebumps every time!! Josh is in the top picture and Alex is in the bottom picture.

We snacked on the AWESOME hot dogs that I have only found at Memorial Stadium!! And runzas and popcorn. YUM!!

Josh's first awesome hotdog

Of course, we cheered for our team. Which today you couldn't possibly choose the wrong team! GOOOOOOOOOO BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG REEEEEEDDDDD!!!

Most of us cheered for the red...Alex chose white. He strives to be different! But really, who cares!?!? THE HUSKERS WON!! And that is what matters right?

We had a fantastic time, until about the third quarter when the complaining began. The boys had had enough. So we excused ourselves before things got really bad. And really leaving a little early isn't the worst thing. We didn't have to fight the crowd or traffic. Personally, I was just happy that we made it past half time! :)
It was an awesome day!! By the end we were worn out!!

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  1. What a perfect way to get them down to Lincoln for a game. Those Fairbury Brand red hotdogs rule!