Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Lost Tooth

Josh FINALLY lost his top tooth today. I say finally because he has looked like a chipmunk or rabbit for the last couple of weeks. We may have been known to call him Snaggletooth a time or two.


See what I mean? These 2 teeth stick straight out! How they stayed in his mouth so long I will never know.

The other night Matt and I tried to bribe him with ice cream and/or money to let us pull his tooth out. Up until this point, we weren't even allowed to touch it. However, that night, we almost got him to do it....

Pulling teeth?
But once the floss was around the tooth he would change his mind.

Snaggletooth Wins!!

Josh was thrilled! Snaggletooth wins!!

This morning at breakfast it finally fell out!! We were all excited...except Josh. Well and maybe Alex who still hasn't lost a tooth nor does he even have a wiggly tooth. Josh didn't seem excited.
Missing Gap

And I am not quite sure why. He looks a little freaked out to me in this pic. Immediately after his tooth fell out he was done eating and went and laid on the couch. I guess change is hard. Ha ha ha! After adjusting to his loss he perked up.

Josh lost his tooth!!
And now the tooth fairy gets to come again tonight! Woot!!

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  1. Those photos are so darn cute. I love the one with Matt and the string!

  2. love his pajamas!