Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moving: Part One

So I have been meaning to write about our move for awhile now, but unpacking and daily life stuff seems to have taken priority! :) Surprise! Surprise!

In a nutshell- moving was stressful, as I think all moves are. We planned and packed and sorted for what seemed like FOREVER. But in reality it was only for a few weeks, maybe a little over a month. We were trying to decide how we wanted to go about our move- storage unit, Uhaul, movers, pods, etc. For us, we decided to get a pod and then have movers move the big heavy stuff. That way we could get stuff out of the house and not worry to much about if it will all fit on a truck. So after that decision we went from this:

Our living/dining this:

Thanks to the pod!!

And of course we had some wonderful help!

Seriously, the boys were fantastic through all of this. Very helpful and understanding. They are awesome what can I say?

On a side note...the whole pod drop off and pick up is quite fascinating!! I could probably do a whole blog on just that....

We all had fun just watching the whole process!! Anyway the pod left on a Monday. And the moving truck came on Thursday. Our closing date was actually Friday the 21st but it was in the morning and there was no way we would be out before their closing time so we needed to be out the day before.

We went with A-1 Metro movers and they were WONDERFUL!! I cannot say enough good things about how wonderful they are. They worked hard and fast. They were flexible and understanding and helped us out of a small jam. They were great!!

Our LAST picture in our first house. **Sniff Sniff**

The boys were in school while everything got moved out. After school we brought them back to the house to see it empty for one last time. They ran around like crazy people because they could. At this point they were still not wanting to move. Zach had cried the night before about not wanting to leave. Josh was complaining a lot about it. Alex had his moments too. Moving is hard. We tried to make it easy on them as much as we could. We said goodbye to our home and then went to our final walk through of our new home. It was the first time the boys got to see the new house. They were super happy to see it and seemed ok with moving again. After the walk through it was off to Ronna and Larry's house to spend the night. And the next day was a big one!

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  1. Annalie always loves running around the empty house too. :-) We're so glad you made it through the stress and can't wait to come see your new house!