Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are Warriors!!

Last weekend, Matt and I went to Kansas City with a couple of good friends (Chad and Missy) to do the Warrior Dash. It's a 5K race with obstacles thrown in. And it was AWESOME!!

I hate running. I really want to like it but I just HATE HATE HATE running. So I thought an obstacle course would be WAY more fun than just a 5K. And I was right!! It TOTALLY was!! This is WAY more my speed! Not that I am good at it- but I enjoy it more!

And pardon the pictures. Once we got going the camera got REALLY muddy so they got blurry. 

We parked at the KC airport and got shuttled to the race. Notice the seats covered in garbage bags. We did that to Matt's car when we were done too.
Matt and I
Missy and Chad

We got checked in....
Missy and I

Then stood in line with 600 other people to begin the- and I quote- "craziest frickin day of your life!" The race let off waves of 600 people every half hour from 7am to 3:30. That is a hell of a lot of warriors!! :)
600 Warriors ready to go!

The fire shot out of the horns and we were off and running in the 91 degree heat!!
After about the longest mile and a half- did I mention the 91 degree heat?- the obstacles began. (Not necessarily in this order).

We crawled under barbed wire....

 crawled through dirt tunnels....
Missy heading into the tunnel with Matt behind her

 pulled ourselves through muddy water....(at this point we were so happy to jump into water)

Matt in red and Chad behind him


We "swam" to these cooler floaty things to try and climb up on. Which in my opinion was one of the hardest one. The water was deep so you couldn't use your legs to jump onto them and every time you tried to get on the cooler would get pushed down. Chad had to pull me up.
Chad, Missy, and Matt- a muddy mess!!

Missy and Chad heading out to the "coolers"

Me, Chad and Missy with the "cooler" obstacle behind us

We jumped over walls then crawled under more barbed wires over and over and over and over again....
Matt in red. He didn't fall, crawling under the barbed wire.

we climbed walls and slid down fire pole.....
Missy in pink, Chad in middle, Matt in red

ran through tires (notice the awesome guy on the left dressed as a warrior....don't look at me I was not liking the hot tires at that moment. I was having an I am so over this moment!)....
Awesome Warrior in wig and kilt on the left

We finished the race with jumping over 3 foot flames...twice. Which wasn't hard just a complete mind game. Every thought I had was DON"T JUMP THROUGH FIRE!! IT WILL HURT!! And it was warm but didn't hurt. Immediately after the fire we crawled through more muddy water and ran through mud to the end. It is REALLY hard to RUN through mud. It's really slippery. :) Duh!
Just got done and received our medals!! Missy, Chad, Matt and I

But we did it! I am super proud of myself because I did things I didn't know or think I could do- climb up walls using only a rope, jump over walls, jump through fires, etc. I did every one and loved EVERY minute of it. I am so happy that Chad and Missy did it with us! We all had a blast!!

When the race was all done we got our free beer and headed back to the hotel to clean up. The pile behind Missy are all shoes that we could donate. I kept mine only because I am doing this all again in Omaha. I will probably donate them there.


We all had a BLAST and can honestly say this was "the craziest frickin' day of our life!"

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  1. Indeed, a BLAST! What fond memories!! Thanks, Katrina for sharing and sorry I think I took really horrible pictures when I had the camera.