Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let the Summer Fun Begin

We officially have second graders now! The boys first grade year has come to an end. I have to admit that although we are excited we were also quite sad!! There may have even been a few tears that were shed. We all loved first grade!! I think it may have been a tad more sad this year because we are also transferring schools. We have LOVED our experience at WDS and are sad to leave this awesome school!! With that said, I am pretty confident that we will be happy at SR too!

Zach, Alex, & Josh
We ended the school year with a bang!! There were Author's Teas. The boys each made a book that got "published".  The parents got to come and hear them read their books and then have refreshments. It was AWESOME!! Alex wrote a book all about me!! Dedicated to ME! Does that kid know how to pull my heart strings or what!! Definitely a book I will cherish and keep forever!! Alex is sitting in the front row with his book.

I, also, had the opportunity to go to Zach's Author's Tea. It was equally as wonderful....ok maybe just a tad less because his book wasn't all about me! :) HA! He wrote a book about good and bad luck and it was hilarious!! He is saying he wants to be either an artist or an author and illustrator when he grows up!!  Matt went to Josh's Author's Tea. And they both had a great time too.
There was also an awards ceremony. Josh (waving at me) got an award for being a Math Whiz!

Zach (on the very end) got an award for being a great Artist!

Alex got an award for being the most kind hearted student. He was the first one called and was overjoyed!!!

I would say these awards are pretty accurate.

The last day came and we took our last day pictures....with our teachers:
and some with our friends....

Since the last day was a half day we headed over to our friend's house for an end of the year celebration!! Our friend was gracious enough to host a big party. I think there were about 20-25 kids there plus us moms.We had the BEST time!! We ate lunch.
Then had a HUGE shaving cream fight. It was AWESOME!! I had never heard of something like this before. But I will totally partake in this again!! So much fun!!

When it was over, the sprinkler system was turned on and all involved were able to get "clean". Then the water guns and water balloons fun happened. I swear I tied over 100 balloons that day!! :) And while the kids were having fun us moms may have indulged in a margarita or two!
It was so much fun!! I couldn't have thought of a better way to end a really great year!!

Since then we have gone to a park or two, gone to the library, went out for pizza with some friends, and have played with our neighborhood friend- kick the can, soccer, swimming, tag, catch, hide-n-seek, etc. The boys and I even went for a jog one morning. We are all in training for a mini mud run this August!
Alex, Zach & Josh
We bought a little pool for the kids to cool off in this summer. It's nothing significant- but it will keep us cool and keep us entertained a little bit.


All in all this is a fantastic start to the summer!! I can't wait for the weeks to come!!

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