Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Monday I had a job interview. This opportunity came out of no where for me. I have to admit when I first got the call on Friday to see if I was interested, I was really skeptical about it. The job is to teach Begindergarten. Which is preschool- the age group right before Kindergarten. I have to admit I have never seen myself as a preschool teacher. Then again I have never seen myself as a high school teacher either. Not that there is something wrong with preschool teachers or high school teachers- I just never saw myself teaching those grades. So when I got the call I thought "yeah right". But I checked it out anyway- no harm in that right? And I have to admit I FELL IN LOVE! It is at the Omaha Hearing School. I will not be teaching deaf or other hearing impaired children. I am not qualified for that. My class will be regular ed. I toured the school and it is awesome! State of the art I tell ya. The lights don't hum. The walls angle in so sound doesn't echo. (ALL classrooms should be like that!) There is this fantastic garden in the back. It is truly set up to help parents with hearing impaired kids. It's amazing!! It's a private school so I am still trying to wrap my head around what a board of directors really means, but I am sure I will learn.

One of the things that really impressed me is that the school is all about literacy and language. Which is right up my newly acquired masters degree's alley! The school follows the school calendar that my boys are going to. So all our days off are the same. It's part time. It pays well. And here is what clinched the deal for me- I get my own OFFICE!! Not a cubical people an honest to goodness office- with a door and everything. Why that excites me so much I have no clue, but it does. I accepted the job and am now in overwhelmed mode. I haven't taught in 6 years and I have never taught kids this little. I LOVE this age group- but playing with them is one thing, teaching them is a whole different ballgame. But I am super excited!!

After my job interview, I went to the OPS headquarters- a.k.a. TAC building- and signed my boys up for kindergarten. That was an emotional experience. I filled out all the paperwork- times three. Each packet I had to fill out was about 10 pages long! I had hand cramps when I was done. And a slight headache. But they are signed up and ready to go. Now I just need to let them go.

Wow...looking back, Monday was a big day for me. I had a job interview AND I signed the boys up for Kindergarten. I still can't believe that they are going to start school this year. And I have to admit there are a few moments where I think "I am just going to home school them." I am going to clear things up right now- NO I do NOT really want to home school them. That is not for me. We have a fantastic school system here why mess that up? With that said, I am not anti-home schooling. If I lived in certain areas of our country I would most definitely consider home schooling. My thoughts are more along the lines of "I am not ready to have them gone all day." Ya know? We have been together daily for six years straight. I am not quite ready for that to end. So here we are starting another chapter in our lives. Work for me. School for the boys. All in less that two weeks- holy cow I got a lot of fun to cram in before that!! *panic* :)


  1. That sounds like an amazing job! I think a couple of my cousin Tressa's kids went to preschool there, actually, so I know it must be a great school; Tressa and Mike are very picky about where they send their kids. I know you will do great and will have the hang of teaching littles in no time. :-)

  2. Congratulations! Wow! What an eventful day!

  3. Fantastic! I'm so excited for you guys. It's going to be a really fun, change filled year!