Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Family Rule?

A few months ago, we went into the Cox Communications Store to check out the new 3D tvs. While we were there Cox was having a Mother's Day contest. I think we just entered it and didn't really even know what it was. Almost a year ago I blogged about winning a TV. If you want to read or re-read about that fun experience click HERE. That was one crazy experience!! :) Anyway after that winning experience, Matt and I have been entering a few more contests. Not in a crazy obsessive way. More along the lines of if we see one we will enter it.

Well, a few weeks ago, we got a call saying Matt won the Mother's Day grand prize from Cox communications. YIPPPEEEEE!! It wasn't as dramatic as my story. Neither Matt nor I continued to hang up on the nice lady. But still very cool none the less. What did Matt win- you may be asking yourself? He won a brand new 52" TV, a blue ray player, a $50 gift certificate to Hallmark AND a years worth of cable TV! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! We are all very excited about this!!

picture take by Josh
However after winning another TV we have a new family rule- no more entering contests that involve TVs. :) I think we have enough now. Hee hee


  1. WOW!!! Congrats! You guys have the luck!

  2. guess now you will Have to get a bigger house!!
    Congrats to Matt!