Thursday, July 22, 2010

HOT and HUMID!! -But Can Still be Fun

About a week or so ago, Bethany and Annalie were in town again. So we invited them over to hang out for an afternoon. The day they came over was SO HOT and SO HUMID I think we all melted!! I am talking CRAZY hot and humid! Like a million degrees out and you feel like you are melting. What better to do on a humid day? Iced lattes and slip n slides, of course!!

Yep...I wasn't kidding about the humidity. My camera fogged up immediately-as did my glasses- when first stepping out the door. It wasn't pleasant.

The kids had fun outside. Us adults started to melt so we went back inside and watched through the kitchen door.

They had fun- and that is what really matters right?. Later that afternoon, Bethany and I decided that ice cream for the kids and more iced lattes for us sounded like a good idea. I didn't get any pictures of that though. By then my brain wasn't working anymore! So hot!! Before they left, we made everyone go outside to get group pictures. The kids were good sports about it. And looking at these pictures really crack me up! Their expressions are priceless!

Josh, Annalie, Alex, Zach

Bethany, Josh, Annalie, Alex, Zach, Katrina

Alex, Annalie, Debbie, Zach, Josh
As you can see from these picture, they were DONE with this heat. As were we all!

One last photo to throw in. The night before Bethany and I got pedicures and went out to dinner at Olive Garden WITHOUT kids!! We haven't done that since before the kids came!! It was wonderful!! We actually got to finish a conversation without interruptions! :) We decided that it will be another tradition we will do....along with dottery and Starbucks of course!

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