Sunday, July 18, 2010

Denver Delight!!

This past weekend I went to visit one of my dearest friends Meg. In case you want to know more about how we met and how we know each other click HERE. Anyway, this weekend I was lucky enough to go out to Denver and visit her.

A year ago, Meg bought her very first home. This was the first chance that I got to see it. It is really cute!! It's a perfect house for Meg. It's very Meg!

The size of her yard is amazing!! Her house is on a double lot and has tons of space to entertain!! We spent a lot of time out on her patios...and, yes, I meant that to be plural. She has a couple of patio areas. One with a table and chairs and another area with a gliding seat. Both are equally wonderful and we used them both often.

Recently, she put up a hammock and I spent every relaxing chance I got in it. It was an awesome place to relax, swing, read, facebook/twitter from my phone, and/or listen to her neighbor's rooster.

The night I got in we went out for pizza and chatted away. Friday we went to a movie. We saw Eclipse. We both love the Twilight series books. We saw the first one together in Arizona and thought it would be appropriate to see this one together, too. After the movie, we went out for sushi- my new food obsession. Meg has been waiting years for me to join the sushi fan club.

Meg, Beth, Katrina
(picture taken by Beth)

Later that afternoon we met one of Meg's good friends (Beth)at a bar for drinks and appetizers. Meg loves this drink called a michelada. It sounded good...but in my opinion it tastes like a margarita gone bad. I can just FEEL Meg's eyes rolling at me as she reads this! :) Beth was delightful and was as wonderful as Meg had described. I was really glad I got the chance to meet her.

That evening we went back to Meg's to hang out on her patio and another one of her friends (Sole) came over for juice. JUCIE!!! And by juice I mean coconut rum with passion fruit juice. That drink was delicious!! As we were sitting there, Meg's version of the ding ding man walked by. I think they are called Paleteros. It's this cart that is pushed by someone who sells paletas. I have never had one before so I was excited to try it!! It was good.

The next day I got my haircut by Marie- a hairdresser God!!! She is fantastic. If you are ever in Denver and need a haircut I would highly recommend her!! I often joke that I want to fly out to Denver every time I need a hair cut! :) After my haircut, Marie joined us for a late lunchat a Jewish diner that I can't rmember the name of. Next door to the diner was a cupcake store called The Big Fat Cupcake. So of course after lunch we had to go there! HOLY COW- that was THE BEST cupcake I have EVER had!! Marie and I split one and I have been thinking about it ever sense. So delicious!! In the store they had this sign:

I need this sign in my house. Or it would be cool as a t-shirt too I think.

After our lunch and heavenly cupcake, Meg and I did some shopping. It was really hot that day and since Meg doesn't have air conditioning we thought strolling around stores sounded good. Surprisingly enough- neither one of us bought a thing!! Wait I take that back. Meg took me to a store called The Container Store. It is an organizers DREAM!! I was in heaven!! I wanted to buy everything in sight, but sadly or luckily (depending on who you talk to) most things wouldn't fit into my carry on so I only bought a couple of small items.

That evening we made quesadillas and ate dinner out on her patio and chatted the evening away- like best friends do. This was my last evening here so we had to make the most of it right?

Meg and Marie
The next morning we met Marie for a chai. When Marie found out how in love I am with chi tea lattes she told me I HAD to try this.

HOLY COW!! It's my new favorite drink!! I am SO IN LOVE!! I took a picture of it so I could find it here in Omaha!! :) We all chatted for a while before I needed to be dropped off at the air port.

Katrina, Marie, Meg
I had such a great time! It was filled with lots of good talks, delicious food, relaxing in hammocks, meeting some of Meg's good friends and a little shopping. I was so happy to see and be a part of Meg's world for the weekend!! I can't wait til I get to go back again!!


  1. Yes my eyes rolled...hehehehe. The Jewish deli is called Zaidy's. I was very happy to have you come out enter into my world. I have missed you and you are welcome anytime. I think the coming out every six weeks for a haircut idea sounds just about right. Then we can get our together fix. Miss you and love you mucho!

  2. What a fantastic trip! You totally deserve a little girl's getaway weekend. And I think I'm going to have to look for a cupcake t-shirt like that. Great post!