Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's Go Skiing?

Ahhh! The lake! One of my most favorite places to go!! Last time we were at the lake Alex asked if he could try water skiing. Bill said sure. So when we went out this past week we decided to give it a shot. We all piled into the boat and Susan and Bill started to give the ski lesson. It freaked Alex out and he no longer wanted to try- but Zach sure did.

Susan was kind enough to get into the water with him to try.

Unfortunately after a few tries, it didn't work. I think the problem was the skis were too big for his feet and the skis kept falling off. I guess he never had much of a chance.

Oh, well. We tried.

Alex watched Zach and then changed his mind and wanted to try.

So we let him.

And he had the same problem. His feet weren't big enough either.

I have bigger feet- so I jumped in and went skiing myself. I am totally going to toot my own horn here (cause I am proud of myself for it) but I got up on the first try and made it farther around the lake than I ever had before!!! YEA ME!! It was so much fun!! The water was PERFECT for it!! So smooth!! It was awesome!!

Later on that afternoon, Jakob thought the boys might have fun zip sledding. So we let them try that. And boy was Jakob right!! Zach LOVED it!!

Here is a video of Zach zip sledding:

Josh LOVED it!!

He would crack me up. He would wave to the boats that would go by.

Here is a video of Josh zip sledding:

Alex....Alex HATED it!! He didn't like being out in the water, away from the boat all by himself.

I guess it is kind of far. He did try, but freaked out.

Here is a REALLY quick video of Alex attempting to zip sled:

It was such a great day!! I am so proud of my boys for trying new things. I can't believe how far we have come. From me being in a state of panic when we would go to the lake to letting a boat pull them through the lake.We have come a long way!! And it's SO AWESOME!! Thanks again Bill and Linda for having us out!

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