Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nephew Fun!!

This past weekend Andy (BIL), Marcie (SIL), and Mason (nephew) came into town to visit!! We always love seeing them and the time they are here seems to fly by way too fast!! The first evening they were here we went to Ronna and Larry's for a delicious dinner.

Then we all just hung out together.

Mason tried to keep up with the big boys.

It was a nice and relaxing evening.

The next morning we all went to the zoo.

Ronna, Marcie, Andy, Mason, Matt, Josh, Zach, Alex
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. If you look at it closely, the bear between Andy and Matt looks like he is part of the family. Like he is posing along with the rest of us. Awesomeness!!

Andy, Alex, Mason, Marcie, Ronna
We saw all the normal stuff you would see at the zoo.

Mason, Josh, Zach, Alex
Fish, bears, tigers, monkeys, etc.

Josh and me-Katrina
It was a blast!!

Marcie, Andy and Mason....with a penguin behind them:

After the zoo, we headed over to PepperJax for lunch!! One of my favorite places to go!

After lunch Mason went down for his nap....and maybe some of the rest of us too. Then they all came over to our house for some slip n slide fun.

They all had so much fun!! You may notice that Josh isn't in any of these pictures. He was one of those that took a nap. So he was still sleeping.

We ordered sushi from Blue for dinner. Ronna and Larry had never had sushi before. They seemed to like it.

After dinner we chatted some more and hung out. The next day was the boy's 6 birthday party. I will blog about that next time as this blog is getting a little long. But seriously- don't I have the CUTEST nephew in the whole world?!?!?

Picture taken by Matt

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