Friday, July 9, 2010

My 100th Post

Holy smokes!! I can't believe this is my 100th post!! When I started writing this blog, I never thought I would get here! I feel like sirens should be going off, lights should be flashing and confetti should be falling from the sky! :)

In the bloggers world, I am told that on the 100th post I am to list 100 things about myself. So here goes....and hopefully it wont bore you all to pieces!

1. I will start with the obvious-I have triplet boys and am SO BLESSED!
2. I love to read.
3. I have my masters in reading.
4. I am a teacher (but not currently teaching) and loved my job. I look forward to going back to work someday.
5. My favorite author is Janet Evanovich.
6. I stood in line for an insane amount of time to get her autograph.
7. My 2 favorite books are The Glass Castle by Janette Walls and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.
8. My book club got to talk to Janette Walls. Very cool.
9. I married my grandpa K....NOT literally! of course- ewe gross! But you know how people say you marry someone like your dad? I didn't do that. I married someone like my grandpa K
10. I miss my grandma K more often than not.
11. This is probably a weird thing about me but I like to drink alcohol but I don't like the feeling of being tipsy or drunk. That is weird right?
12. I have a marriage that I have always dreamed about...which I am thankful for everyday.
13. I have always loved and wanted a SAAB. I loved the 900s turbo convertible- red or white -back in high school. Don't love them as much now. However I am liking some of the newer ones I see again. Maybe I will get one yet!
14. My favorite subject to teach is reading.
15. I love bad reality TV and the good ones too.
16. I love watching people dance. It can be so magical!
17. So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite shows!! Its like American Idol for dancers.
18. I love being by the water. It is calming and relaxing.
19. I loved high school.
20. I HATED college. That was a weird and awkward and very hard time of my life.
21. Living with Eric and Matt was one of the most fun times EVER!!
22. I am a rule follower.
23. I am loyal.
24. Oreos are my favorite cookie. I think its more of an emotional tie than a taste tie. They are delicious, but my grandma K and I would dip them in milk and eat them together when I was growing up.
25. I have been to Russia twice.
26. The first trip was in high school. It was a HUGE growing and learning experience for me. I was there for a month.
27. The second time was a NIGHTMARE!! I went in college and stayed a weekend. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE I had to get a lawyer involved in that whole mess.
28. I graduated college a semester late due to that Russia trip.
29. I used to be fluent (both reading and writing) in Russian but am not any longer. I know maybe a few words now.
30. Matt and I met when we were little kids- Eric is a mutual friend.
31. We didn't remember each other until my 21 Birthday in Lincoln.
32. Matt and I lived together before we started dating.
33. Matt and I got engaged about 3 months after we started dating.
34. I played tennis in high school and thought I was good. I am not.
35. I love food.
36. I have been on some kind of a diet (on and off) since I was 15.
37. I love to shop. It's awesome to find a good deal, but am not crazy about it finding one.
38. I hate garage sales.
39. I worry too much...however it's less than I used to.
40. I have a tattoo on my stomach.
41. Not a smart place to get a tattoo if you are going to have triplets.
42. My tattoo is of a tulip and it was life size when I was pregnant. Now its a sad wilted little flower.
43. If I ever get a tattoo again, it will be by Kat Von D or Corey (LA Ink)! But not of a cat. That is just dumb.
44. I love to crochet.
45. I am a list maker. I usually have a few "TO DO" lists going on at one time.
46. I do not like birds or horses.
47. I would not do well as a pioneer. I need my air conditioner!
48. I hate onions and peppers.
49. I am more of a purse person than a shoe person.
50. I was a waitress at a Greek restaurant in college.
51. I hate lighting saganaki!
52. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Greek food!!
53. I have worn glasses since the 6th grade.
54. Stuff with the eyes creeps me out. Not just looking at them, more like surgeries and things like that. The movie Minority Report totally creeped me out!!
55. Facials are the most relaxing thing in the world!! I would take that over a massage or mani/pedi any day!!
56. I used to get facials monthly before kids.
57. I always wanted to have boys over girls. And I am not just saying that since I have 3 boys.
58. I don't know how to style hair.
59. I love make up. But am not a make up artist.
60. Chocolate rules!!
61. I taught first grade for 5 years.
62. Loves being creative, but don't feel I am super good at it. Not like a professional would be, but I think I can hold my own.
63. I like taking art classes.
64. When I exercise, I need someone to push me (not literally) to get a really good work out.
65. I am not motivated enough to push myself to the next level when I am exercising.
66. LOVES going to concerts. Live music is so much better!!
67. Same with sports. Love watching them live- hate watching on TV.
68. Refuses to watch horror movies. I HATE being scared!!
69. I am a jumpy person. I scare very easily.
70. I miss doing yoga. I should do that again.
71. Dislikes being in crowds. HATES crowds when I am with the boys. Ugh!
72. Cannot flip shapes around in my head. When we built our house it was opposite of the model and I could not visualize how it would go.
73. I am not good with directions. If I get lost going someplace new, I have a really hard time finding it again!
74. I don't have a very good memory. Which is probably why I love pictures so much. It helps me remember stuff.
75. I have seen U2 four times over the years. I have seen them in Iowa, Chicago, Denver and Omaha. Best concerts EVER!!!
76. Some other favorite concerts include Sting, John Mayer, Prince and Collective Soul.
77. My first concert was Richard Marx.
78. I love hip hop.
79. I was adopted.
80. My parents divorced when I was about 7.
81. My grandma and grandpa K told me about the divorce.
82. I was in girl scouts when I was little.
83. When I was in 5th and 6th grade I was on safety patrol (where you get to stop traffic and help the little kids cross the street). I thought I was SO COOL!!
84. My mom's side of the family lives in Kansas. We would go there a few times a year to visit.
85. I am the oldest cousin on that side of the family.
86. On that side there are 7 of us and only 2 of them are boys.
87. On my dad's side I have 0 cousins.
88. I love swimming!!
89. I was on a swim team for about 4 years.
90. I used to teach swimming lessons.
91. I hate running. Too much jiggles.
92. I am extremely organized.
92. I love organizing stuff!! I find it really fun!!
93. I hate cooking. Most of the time. Every once in a while I find I enjoy it. But I would say the majority of the time it's just a huge pain in the you know what!
94. I am more of a morning person. I am not a super early morning person. But I am for SURE not a night owl.
95. I do not do well without sleep. I am very emotional when I am tired- and I feel sick when I don't get enough sleep either.
96. My favorite flower used to be a tulip. I still love them- but not as much as I used to.
97. I would rather be cold than hot. You can always add another layer of clothing but you can only take so much off.
98. The biggest/best thing I have ever won was a TV. I blogged about that crazy experience here.
99. I don't really have a bucket list. When I want to do something or accomplish something- I just go do it. Which I find weird since I LOVE making lists of things to do. :)
100. I can honestly say that I am happy with my life.

Whew!! I finished!! That was WAY harder than I thought it would be!! Hope I didn't bore you all to pieces. Now I will return back to my normal blogging. :)


  1. I was reading this and thinking we really need to hang out more. I love facials over massages too. I love Greek food and chocolate. My first concert was Richard Marx. There were a ton of other things too! Very funny! Great list!

  2. How long did it take you to write? It took me more than three hours to write my 100 things list, which surprised me! I thought it would be much faster to write.

    I knew you didn't like birds, but I didn't know you also don't like horses! I think I actually knew most of the rest of the list...which kind of surprises me. I didn't know I knew you that well! :-)