Friday, November 27, 2009

wha..wha....WHAT!?!?!? Did that just really happen?

Wednesday night about 9pm our phone rings. Matt answered it and it was for me so he handed me the phone. The guy said, "Katrina?" I said, "Yes?" He said "Is that how you pronounce it?" So immediately red flags go up and I was thinking dude-its 9pm. I am in my pajamas (as I am NOT a night owl) and am ready for bed. I don't want telemarketers or weirdos right now. I am hosting a rather large Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and am not in the mood. But I said "yes..." He goes, "What kind of tequila do you like?" So I just hung up on him. I am not a drinker. I don't have a favorite tequila. I think its creepy that a telemarketer would call and ask me about tequila and my love for it. And then the guy calls back. This time Matt answered the phone. The man asked if he could talk to me and Matt said "NO" and hung up. And then the guy calls AGAIN!!! Now I am pissed! I am thinking that I am going to give this guy a piece of my mind and am ready to call the police if this continues (as some of you may know I have had other harassing phone calls and needed to get the police involved my thoughts were NOT AGAIN!!) So I put my big girl panties on and was ready to tell this guy off. So I say "HELLO!!!" (not nicely I might add) And the man goes "WAIT! Don't hang up!!" I go "WHO IS THIS?!?!" (again not nicely) He said he was a chef at a local restaurant and was wondering if I had dined at Julio's this past month. I said that I had and wanted to know why. He asked if I had ordered a margarita. I said yes and again wanted to know why. Keep in mind I was still in no mood for any of this and wasn't very nice at all. He asked if I would say that I like Herradura Tequila. So I humored him and did. And then he said "You just won a 42" flat screen TV"......pause.....I go "OHMYGOD I am SO SORRY I hung up on you...a lot." Then everything clicked into place. About a month ago Matt and I took the boys and dined at Julio's...which is now my favorite restaurant by the way. Everyone should go there!!.....I ordered a maragrita and they said that if I upgraded to the Herradura Maragrita at no extra cost that my name would be entered into a drawing for a TV. I said sure why not. And then never gave it another thought as I have NEVER won ANYTHING!!! So now I can officially say I have won something big and I LOVE Julios and my new TV!! Matt and I are still in shock that all this happened. Crazy huh?

On a side note. Matt and I went to pick up the TV today. Everyone there was really nice about it and thought that it was hilarious that I kept hanging up on the guy. Thanks again Julio's! Best margarita I have EVER had!!


  1. So unbelievably awesome!!!

  2. Bwahahaha! Why on earth didn't the dude just IDENTIFY himself? Too funny. :-) Congrats on winning the TV!

  3. That is freakin hilarious! :) Congrats!