Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Fun and Productive Couple of Days!

By the end of this week, we were all really tired. I am not exactly sure why. It's not like our week was extra super busy. We had our normal fill of things like play dates, swimming lessons, preschool, etc. Maybe it was because we had such a full weekend before that we didn't start out on a full tank. Who knows!? But by Friday we were tired! So we decided to do a family movie night. Matt and I thought that having a picnic in the family room while watching the movie Up sounded like fun! So we told the boys about our idea and they were really excited about this. Mostly because we have never let them eat a meal in front of the tv! I laid down a blanket, made a few sandwiches, put some chips on their plates and we were set.

It was fun. I thought the movie was really cute. The boys liked it for the most part. Alex didn't like the thunder storms and none of them cared for the mean dogs in the movie. Other than that, they seemed to like it. It was a great night. After they were done eating we all snuggled up on the couch together. I have to admit I really liked being couch potatoes that night!!

Saturday was REALLY productive! I have to admit I am quite proud of ourselves! I needed to go to UNO to work on my school stuff. I am really excited to pretty much be done. I have one little thing left to do and I am finished!! That morning I had to meet with my professor to make sure I was on the right track with my research paper- which thankfully I am. Then I marched myself to the computer lab and finished that bad boy up! Whew!! That was quite painful. I can honestly say I will never be a researcher!! There is NOTHING fun or exciting about that process! After the paper, I finished up the power point presentation that I need to do for the LAST class! I cannot tell you how excited I am for it to be the LAST class! Not only am I almost done with that horrid class but that also means I am only one semester away from finishing my masters!!! WOOO HOOO!!! I was kicked out of the lab at they were closing- but luckily I was pretty much done...and came home. While I was at school, Matt started to stain our deck. Luckily, Matt's parents were kind enough to hang out with the boys while I was at school and Matt was working hard. When I got home, Matt was still working on the deck and the boys were out with the grandparents, so I quickly changed clothes and helped him finish up. I have to admit the deck looks pretty nice! I kind of wish we would have done that sooner! :) Ronna and Larry came back with the boys just as Matt and I were about done. They had taken them to Krispy Kreme, a couple of parks, etc. They seemed to have a nice time. Since Matt and I were almost done, they were nice enough to stay until we finished. We finished about 3:30 and had just enough time to clean up and change before our friends the Surles came over at 4.

We had a great time that night!

Happy Chad and Missy

As fun as it was, it was loud. Not in a bad way-unless you like things quiet-like if you are a librarian or something. But how could it not be loud as there were 5 boys (four 5 yr olds and a 2 yr old) and a 11 month old girl!! But it was awesome!! The boys played great together. I don't remember having to break up one disagreement! They started out playing the Wii but that didn't last long. They mostly played with the Batman stuff.

They would go from playing upstairs, to the main floor, to the basement. It was great. They never got bored and had a fantastic time! There were even quite a few moments when the adults could chat!! We ordered pizza and ate brownies.

All of which were delicious! Little Sophie would crawl to the boys to check out what they were doing, then crawl to the adults to see what we were doing.

She is a cutie!! Full of smiles!! After we all ate, the adults chatted the night away and the boys did their boy games. Like playing with cars and trucks, hulk hands, and these pincher things.

Personally, I didn't think this looked like fun. But they sure did! :) Must be a boy thing!

By the end of the night, they were all exhausted from playing so hard! It was great!! For us, bedtime was a snap! Hopefully it was for Chad and Missy too!!

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  1. I love the racing stripes in the boys' room! (Or whatever room that is.) I also LOVE when bedtime is a snap because of a busy day. :-)