Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chores and Prizes

Matt and I have decided that we are going to try and teach the boys a little more about money. Like how to save it and/or spend it. A while ago the boys discovered the crane game and bubblegum machines. Now every time we walk by one its "Mom! Can I have a quarter?!?!" Needless to say, I quickly ran out of quarters. I thought that this could be a good learning opportunity! Matt and I have discussed should we give them an allowance each week or make them earn money. We have been brainstorming and haven't quite worked out our system yet. There are chores that we feel they need to do no matter what -like pick up their toys or make their beds. So right now our system is to give them extra things to do to earn money. Their first chore was to help rake and pick up leaves. I am not sure this ended up being a Matt and I LOVED the help and the boys had a blast!!

(Josh is in orange. Alex is in black. Zach is in stripes.)

It was a lot of fun....and like I said it was nice to have the extra hands to help. Another chore we thought of was to help shred our paper. Seems silly, but again they loved it.

I hope our ideas keep coming. The boys are asking for chores to do. I am running out of ideas and money. :) But I am thankful that they are asking to help!! Today I need to clean the house. I may just put dust rags and brooms in their hands to help! I better check my wallet first. I don't know that they will comprehend an IOU yet. :)

Last week the boys had their parent teacher conferences. I have to say I am one PROUD mama!! All three of them got REALLY great reports. In the past they have always gotten a good report. Nothing to complain about. But this year all three were FANTASTIC! I am about to gush and brag so gag alert! :) Alex's teacher went on and on about how kind and loving Alex is. How he is considerate of others and has a big and kind heart! Zach's teacher talked about how kind and inquisitive Zach is. And that he loves to help out. Josh's teacher said how Josh is doing a great job. That he not only likes to try new things but will encourage others to do so too. Then she told me that Josh has gotten in trouble once or twice for talking to his friends too much. My jaw HIT the floor. Anyone who knows Josh knows that is AWESOME!! I feel Josh may be coming out of his shell a little bit and isn't quite so timid!! I was over the moon!! Matt and I are very proud parents and wanted to do something special for the boys. So we decided to take them to a toy store and let them pick out a toy. Nothing major- just a little something.

Josh picked out a spinning art thing.

He LOVES it! The problem was there wasn't much paint in those little bottles so he went though that pretty quickly. Luckily, washable paint works just fine. He is spinning art like crazy- and has even let his brothers try a time or two.

Alex chose Spongebob Walke-Talkes.

Another great hit.

Zach chose this matchbox car spin track.

He loves that too! I have to admit that its pretty cool. Its fun making the cars flip around twice then jump through the hoop of fire. :)


  1. I think it's awesome if they can see chores as something fun rather than a pain! Surely it will help them start out with a good attitude towards work. :)

  2. Awesome post, congrats on the great P/T confernce reports too!!