Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: Part 2

The boys got to choose their own costumes again this year. Zach chose to be Luigi, a character from Mario Cart. Josh chose to be Toad, another character from Mario Cart. Alex chose to be Spiderman. They were awesome! I LOVE the mustache on Zach. It made me giggle every time I would look at him!
To continue with our Halloween festivities....Friday was an exciting and eventful day for us! The boys had their Halloween parties at preschool. This year I got to hang out with Josh at his party. It was lots of fun!
All the kids- well all of them but one- she didn't want to wear her costume....anyway all the kids got into their costumes and were ready for the festivities to begin! They began with a costume parade throughout the school. I loved that!! Is there anything cuter than kids in costumes?!? Plus I got to see Zach and Alex for a minute or two as well. When the parade was over, they got a sheet of games to play and then got to choose which game to play. The only rule was that they had to go to each game station.
Josh chose to bowl first. That wasn't a surprise to me at all! He loves to bowl!Then he did a bean-bag toss...
a penny toss....
fishing for prizes...
we played Halloween memory...
and stick the nose on the Jack-O-Lantern. That was his favorite game. We spent a lot of time at that station! He thought it was hilarious to stick the nose in the wrong place.
When the kids got done with all of their stations, they got to pick a prize out of the pumpkin.
Then it was time for treats. They enjoyed eating cookies with their friends. Us mom helpers got to enjoy cookies too!
After the preschool party, we got ready to go to Matt's work. Matt's work has a trick or treating event for the families of the employees. Its pretty cool. The boys get to walk around to each cubical to trick or treat.

They love it and the people are very generous as the boys came home with a TON of candy!! In fact, as we were finishing up Josh and Zach were asking for help carrying their loot! :) Then we rushed home to get ready for my parents to come over for dinner. They wanted to see the boys in their costumes, so I invited them over.
We carved pumpkins together.

Our finished pumpkins!

As we were putting the finishing touches on our jack o lanterns, we roasted pumpkin seeds.
I think we all had a nice time. It was nice that my parents were able to come hang out with us for an evening.

Saturday was Halloween! The day began with Josh running a fever! UGH!! That dreaded fever showed its ugly face again!! So poor Josh slept on the couch most of the day. We weren't sure if he was going to be up for trick or treating. That evening I made mummy pizzas for dinner. They didn't turn out exactly like I thought they would, but they tasted good.

After dinner, my aunt and uncle came over. We didn't recognize them at first! It was awesome!! I couldn't understand why the big kids came out so early!! Here it was my aunt and uncle coming to wish us a Happy Halloween! It was pretty funny!

The Johnson's also came over to join us. I stayed behind to pass out candy and everyone else left for candy. There weren't a lot of trick or treaters this year. I am not sure why. The weather was great. Maybe since it was on a Saturday there were a lot of other parties to go to?? Who knows! Oh well. It was still fun to pass out candy.

The kids had a great time going out in the neighborhood together. Josh didn't last long. They dropped him off with me, then headed back out. Josh didn't eat any candy at all! Poor guy! Luckily, this morning Josh woke up fever free and has been acting like his normal self all day. I am not sure what that was about, but am happy that it seems to have passed. Overall, I would say we had a nice Halloween!! Hope yours was good too!

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  1. Annalie and Bug (Brenda's daughter) were both sick too! Brenda too, actually. It was a crazy Halloween. At least when it came time to trick-or-treat, Brenda was feeling better and the girls weren't sick yet. Stupid germs, go away! :-)