Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Another Year Older

This week I turned 35! Holy cow! 35!! Normally every year I get a little depressed about my birthday. Nothing major- just a little down. I think wow another year gone and I'm getting older and start searching in the mirror for signs of aging. However, this year I didn't do that for some reason. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe its because I am getting older and I forgot to freak out ;)....or maybe I have other stuff on my mind lately....or maybe its because I am really happy with where I am right now. I have a great life. I have a wonderful husband and three really terrific boys!! Not to mention some really great friends. I have a house to live in, food on the table and clothes to wear. Not too shabby.

I had a really nice birthday too. I got to celebrate it three three times is always better right? :) For my first celebration-Matt's parents made me my favorite dinner of shrimp curry and then cream cheese cupcakes for dessert. I was in food heaven!! After stuffing ourselves silly, I got to open presents while enjoying a glass of wine. We played a game of UNO with the boys. The boys got bored of that pretty quickly (which was odd because usually they are UNO maniacs) so us adults played dominos. It was a really great evening!! Except I forgot my camera that night! So I don't have any pictures to post for that evening. :(

For the second celebration, we went out to eat at Old Chicago with my parents. Its one of my favorite pizza places. It was another nice evening.

For my third and final celebration, I spent my actual birthday evening with Matt and the boys. I decided after eating out the two previous nights that take out sounded WONDERFUL! :) I wouldn't have to cook and still get delicious food. I chose to get food from Paradise Bakery and Cafe. I LOVE their fire roasted tomato soup and California turkey sandwich. So Matt and I got our food from there, Alex and Zach chose Burger King and Josh, as usual, chose Jimmy Johns. He is in love with Jimmy Johns. He would eat there everyday if I let him.

For dessert we all got Coldstone ice cream (another of my favorites). Matt was sweet and put a candle in mine so I could make a wish.

After dinner I got to open presents....with help of course.

Then Josh started a wrapping paper war....thanks again for teaching them that, Larry! ;)

It was a really great evening. Nice and relaxed with a little bit of crazy thrown in. Perfect!

Of course I wanted a picture with my boys. But that is not as easy as it sounds. Someone was either not looking or making a funny face.

So....if you can't beat them....join 'em!

Here is my great family on my 35th birthday:

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  1. How appropriate that Katrina Tripled got three birthday celebrations. ;-) I'm glad you had such a fantastic 35th birthday! And really, 35 isn't THAT much older than 34, right!?

    I do believe I forgot to wish you a happy birthday ON your birthday, but I did remember to send you a card ON your birthday, so you should get that soon.