Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was wonderful!! I couldn't have asked for a better day! This year I decided to host. I am not sure why exactly I thought that was going to be fun or easy, but before I thought it through invited everyone. I ended up having about 20 people over. After everyone was invited, I became a little nervous. I have NEVER made a turkey before. I worried that I would run out of food. What was I thinking!! :) However, everything was wonderful!! The day before I subbed at the Gingerbread house. Which was a BLAST!! (And then that night I won a TV- see post before this one) But in relation to Thanksgiving Matt and I set all the tables and got as much done as we could. Matt's mom even came over to help get thing ready. Very thankful for that!!

Thanksgiving day I made the turkey. And I am so proud!! It turned out perfect! Now I wonder why I haven't done that before. It was so easy!!

The guests came around lunchtime. I was happy that my aunt Jane and uncle Bert were able to make it up from Kansas to join in on the fun!! But was sad that my Uncle Harry was sick and couldn't enjoy the fun. Zach was so excited for the party to begin! He started to do a turkey dance.

When everyone arrived, we chatted and played legos until the food was all ready.

Then, we all ate the yummy and delicious food!!

We toasted to being together.

Here is Alex's dinner. His eating habits kill me!! :) Out of all that delicious food all he ate was grapes and rolls?!?!

After dinner, some of us played the wii.

Grandma and Josh
There was even a pillow fight at one point.

Desserts were served.

One of the things that I was thankful for was the cool day. I had to use my deck as a refrigerator. There was NO WAY all that food was going to fit in my fridge! Here I was worried about running out of food. Silly me!!!

By the end of the day, we were all word out!!


So Thanksgiving has come and onto the next holiday!! The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind. We are getting our house ready to put up for sale soon, so we did things to get ready for that. We shopped a little. I went to the gym a couple of times to counteract all the food I ate on Thursday. I went out to breakfast with friends. We put the lights up outside and decorated the tree.

Of course our tree isn't complete without my frog on top!

To end the weekend we took the boys to see Santa. Before we left, Josh made a picture for Santa, which I thought was really sweet.

In case you can't read his note, it says "Josh Venn To I heart U Santa"
And then we were off to see Santa. We went to Bass Pro Shop. I would highly recommend taking your kids there. Not only are the pictures free, but the Santa looks REAL!! They were crazy busy that day, but they were really organized and things flowed really smoothly!! It was great! Here are the pictures I took.

Zach Josh Santa Alex

Santa Zach

Santa Josh

Santa Alex

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  1. You're putting the house up for sale!? Exciting! Do you know where you're moving already? I know you said you had your eye on a neighborhood, but do you have a house in mind?