Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andi's Baptism

Some good friends of ours asked Matt and I to be Godparents of their daughter, Andi. I have to say that we are really honored that they asked us. It means a lot to us. Last Sunday was Andi's baptism. The ceremony was very nice. It was a private Catholic ceremony. Andi wore Katie's baptism gown with really cute silver shoes.

I thought she did really well! She didn't cry at all, until the very end.

Which of course, was when we all wanted to take pictures with her.

The grandparents:

After the ceremony, Drew and Katie had a late lunch at their house. We found a spot out of the way to put the boys.

If you notice their plates, this is so typical of what they eat. Zach and Josh will usually try anything. They are both for the most part decent eaters. Alex on the other hand only ate grapes.

Later, Katie opened the gifts. Needless to say, the boys enjoyed that.

They also played with another little boy that was 17 months old. They all kept each other entertained.

Of course, everyone wanted to hold the big star of the day!!

Alex and Andi

Josh and Andi

Zach and Andi This picture makes me smile. Zach couldn't understand why Andi would cry when he held her. The look on his face is awesome!

Matt and Andi

Katrina and Andi Picture taken by Alex

We had a really great afternoon. I thought they party was great! Delicious food, great friends and a cute baby makes it pretty perfect I think!! And of course the day couldn't end without giving Fozzie big hugs!!

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