Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween: Part 1

Instead of doing a really long blog about Halloween at the end of the week, I decided to break it down a little bit. Here is a little bit about our Halloween fun so far.

The boys are still recovering from the flu. They are finally all fever free! Can I hear an AMEN!?! I feel like I have had that thought before, but this time the fever has been gone for almost 36 hours- so I think we are safe this time. When they were at their sickest their fever seemed to come and go. Although their fevers are gone, they are still not back to normal. They are still napping and coughing and not eating quite right.

I have been trying to make this a fun Halloween week. I made tortellini with ghosts one night.
Tonight I made Mummy Dogs.
Something festive. Earlier this week, I also decided to make sugar cookies. I thought it would be fun to decorate some Halloween cookies. Which in hindsight was NOT a good idea- as 1. the boys were sick and 2. we ate more dough than cookies. I seemed to wallow in cookie dough this week- as I made 2 batches. Hmmm....note to self: next time boys are sick DON'T make cookie dough as I will eat the majority of it! Stress + Cookie Dough = Katrina Happy. Fat- but happy.
Anyway the boys eventually did get some cookies to decorate.
When I took these pictures, Josh was at his worst. That is why there aren't any pictures of Josh eating or decorating a cookie. Alex was at his best. He decorated two and ate them down. He had a great time. Zach decorated one then was finished. He didn't even want to eat it. We saved his cookie to eat later. Josh was asleep on the couch.
Zach, again. (but if you look in the background on the couch Josh is sleeping)

As the days went by and Josh perked up a little, he got to decorate his cookies too. So we seemed to have decorated cookies ALL week!! I am thankful that Alex is feeling good. He has been a great help cleaning up all the sprinkles that fell to the floor while protecting himself from germs. :)
Tonight our plan was to carve our pumpkins. That didn't work out. Josh is fast asleep on the couch. Matt and I decided we didn't want to carve numerous nights so we are delaying those plans for later.


  1. Man, I'm sorry all the sickness lasted so long for you guys...but glad everyone's fever-free! I hope by Saturday everyone's feeling all better. :-)

  2. Awesome halloween activities you guys have got going on there!