Saturday, October 10, 2009

Triplets, Twins, a singleton, and SNOW!?!

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for us. In the morning, our friends Nick and Lisa came over with their twins to play a little bit. Nick is leaving for basic training on Wednesday, so it will be the last time we will see him for a while. We had to say our goodbyes before he left.

Walker and Jocelyn 10 mo.
It was a house full of multiples. Chaotic- but great.

Jocelyn and Lisa (left)
Nick and Walker(right)

My boys had a great time playing with the little ones. They played trucks.

Jocelyn and Walker had fun crawling over Zach, like he was a speed bump.

They also had fun rolling balls across the kitchen floor.

Alex really wanted to hold the "babies". At 10 months, they would rather be on the move than to be held. Walker was a good sport and let Alex hold him for a few seconds.

It was a nice morning. Here is a group picture. Twins and Triplets.

Josh Walker Alex Zach Jocelyn

I fed the boys lunch and then they were off to preschool and I took a minute to relax and then did some homework.That evening we had Drew, Katie and Andi over. Andi is one month old. As you can see Zach was very excited for them to arrive.

I made homemade chicken noodle soup and we poured it over mashed potatoes. It was YUMMY!! Here are two of my mashed potato taste testers: (Alex, as usual, wanted nothing to do with it. He is such a picky eater!!!)
Zach and Josh
Our guests arrived! Yea!

Everyone is really excited to see Andi....and Katie and Drew too, of course! ;)

We all got a chance or two to hold Andi.
Katie brought cupcakes for dessert. She is a great baker!! They were so good that the boys were licking the cupcake wrappers clean!!! Now THAT is a good cupcake!!!


It was a really great night!! It was also a fantastic day, but we were beat after a full day like that. We were all asleep by the time our heads hit the pillows!

When we awoke the next morning, there was SNOW!! What?!?! Where did our fall go? Did I miss that? We got about 6 inches.

The boys were thrilled!! I headed to class to research stuff in reading (booo! hiss!) while the rest of the fam got to play in the snow! They shook snow off the bushes. (Zach, Alex, Josh)

Alex made a snow angel.

And these boys will shovel about anything if you let them!

After playing in the snow, what could be better than coming in to a cup of hot cocoa?


  1. So cute Katrina! Can I come over for Chicken Soup and Mashed Potatoes sometime!! Ben had a blast playing in the snow today too. He had swimming lessons this morning and then playing in the snow this afternoon. Weird combination!

  2. I very much approve of this blog entry! I love the pic of Matt & Andi especially!