Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks Bethany!!

Today Bethany, Annalie, and Debbie came over. Bethany and Annalie are in town for a very short time and squeezed us in for a visit. The boys were excited to see Annalie again. They all played outside- which I happen to think was crazy. It was cold!! But the kids didn't seem to notice that at all.

While the kids were outside playing, Bethany, Debbie and I enjoyed Starbucks (I heart Chi Tea Lattes) and chatted for awhile. Then, Bethany gave me a few more crochet lessons. Bethany taught me how to crochet years ago. Now I was ready to learn more than just horizontal stripes and diagonal stripes, so Bethany was kind enough to teach me a couple more things- like flowers and squares! I was very excited.

Of course, I had to write everything down. I wouldn't remember later if I didn't.

YEA!! Its my first flower!!

Before they left, we wanted to get a nice picture of the kids. That is way more difficult than it sounds. :)

These were the three best pictures that I got. (Josh, Alex, Annalie, and Zach)

Katrina and Bethany

Gronbergs and Venns (minus the men)

It was great to spend a few hours with Bethany, Annalie and Debbie!
I was so inspired by the afternoon lesson, that I decided to try to make a snowball!! I did it!! Its not perfect, but I did it! :) My next goal is to crochet a sock monkey!!


  1. How fun, Bethany is a great teacher. We are having lunch with them tomorrow actually!

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed by your snowball! Seriously, you went from, "I don't know if I can make these stupid squares," to "La-di-da, I think I shall crochet a snowball!" all in one day!? You get an A+. ;-)

    It was so great to see you guys, even for a short visit. I'd say we're on our way for making up for all those missed visits in the early years of our kids lives (AKA, The Giant Blur).

  3. shut up - you are good at everything you try :) I guarantee my snowball would look more like a slushball if I tried.

  4. That's so cool they made it over for a visit, ours the other day was much too short! Love the pics of the kids too, you can tell Annalie and "AlexNoGlasses" are getting along pretty well. Also, way to go on the crocheting, that's awesome.