Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Hobby: Glass Fusion

I have found a new hobby that I am really enjoying!! Its called glass fusion. If you have hear of the Peggy Karr plates you can purchase- its along those lines. Its pretty cool. You get to play with glass and create new and exciting things. I asked a friend of mine (Melani) if she would like to do it with me. Mel is creative as well and likes to try new things too. We enrolled in a class called "Girls Night Out" at Adventures in Art.
We weren't quite sure what we were getting into, but since we both like trying new things we were in! It was really fun! In this class we were able to create either a pendant, earrings, or a key chain. We could do more-for a fee. That night I made
a key-chain

and a pendant.
If I remember correctly, I think Mel made 3 pendants. I think we both learned a lot that night as to how glass fuses together and what it would look like after it was in the kiln. The colors and textures change a little. I really like my key-chain, but my pendant is just ok. We both agreed that next time we would do things a little differently.

Speaking of next time....we took a plate or bowl making class. We both made plates. The hardest part is coming up with the idea. Its a lot of playing around. There were a couple of experienced ladies there that printed out some pictures to put under their piece of glass to create their plate. One lady created a poinsettia and another a bird. They were pretty cool. I, however, didn't have a guide so I started to play with shapes and textures of glass.

There are a lot more types of glass than I realized. I thought glass was glass. Its not. They had this really cool "spaghetti glass" that you could stick into fire and bend it to how you wanted. They had glass that looked flat, like pebbles, sand, and kosher salt. And all of those things come in many different colors!! Its overwhelming with all the choices you have. I played with the different types of glass and moved things around awhile and came up with this:

This is before the firing. So far-I like it. I hope that I will still like it after the firing. We will see next week when I get to pick it up, as it takes about 60 hours in the kiln. Next month, Mel and I are going to try making Christmas Ornaments!! Very excited about that! We are also excited that our teacher said we don't need classes anymore. We should just come into the open class to create. That makes us pros- right Mel? :) hee hee

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  1. oh you know Im a pro with my swirly glass shavings - I think mine tend to look like a 6 year old did them. But, I like minimilism so I guess that is ok :)Besides, it is fun hanging out and being creative. I just need to get my schedule down!