Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hooked on Dottery

This morning Bethany and I went to paint some pottery- or should I say dottery. I have always admired Bethany's dottery in her etsy shop. Today I was lucky enough to get my very own lesson in it! And can I just say how much I LOVED it!! I can't wait to do it again. We began by picking out a piece of pottery that we wanted to paint. I chose a plate and Bethany chose a coffee cup.

Next we chose what colors we wanted. Of course we had to have a hot beverage of choice to go along with it! Have I mentioned how much I love chi tea lattes? Man those are good.

I think that was the hardest part of the morning. Choosing what you wanted to do. There are so many choices and possibilities!! Once that decision was made, the rest was all about the dots.

My first dot! :)

My first circle.

Bethany working on her mug.

Of course while we are painting we are chatting away.

Dottery is very zen like. I was so relaxed doing this!!

My first dottery plate!! I love it! Since I am a huge copy cat I decided to write something on it too. Bethany wrote "be mellow." on her mug. So I wanted to write something too. However, she mentioned that most people don't try to paint words on their plate. Most people aren't brave enough to try. I decided to be a dare devil and paint words! My hand was shaking the whole time, but I am proud to say I painted words on my plate!

Fitting don't you think? You know, because I have tripled my fun in life for very obvious reasons! And here is a picture of Bethany's mug.

We had so much fun doing our cup and plate that we decided to make a little magnet too. Again we needed to decide on colors, design, etc. What to do...what to do....

We made our decisions and began painting again. Bethany did a swirl thing and I did a dottery V. I have to admit not a cute as the plate, but not too bad.

These are our finished products, which wont look much like this after they are fired. The paint changes color and gets all shiny. I can't wait to see them when I pick them up next week!!

On a side note. I have also decided to use my creative juices in participating in 7 days. Its where you have to take a picture of yourself everyday for seven days. This is my best shot of today.

This was my runner up. I love that I look so happy and Bethany looks mad or confused. Am I really that hard to teach dottery!? Ha ha ha


  1. Love the plate, excellent work, especially for your first attempt! My dottery looked a bit like fireworks but I think I'll try it again. So glad you are doing 7 days this time around, too!

  2. I'm so glad you suggested painting, because it was a blast! Next time I'm in Omaha, we've got to go again, yeah?