Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Heart the Actuallys!!

Yesterday we were really excited because our friends Bethany and Annalie were in town. (We missed you Troy. Hopefully we will get to see you next time!!) Annalie and the boys have a great time playing together! When our guests first arrived, Annalie ran inside, grabbed Alex's hand and yelled COME ON! And off they all ran to play. It was cute.

They started out playing in the snow. It was really cold, but the kids seem oblivious to that fact.

Alex, Annalie, Josh & Zach

They were busy shoveling the snow and running around. You know, doing fun snow things.

We had to bribe the kids with hot chocolate to come back inside. Nothing like chocolate and marshmallows to bring the kids in!

While the kids drank their hot chocolate, Bethany and I cleaned up the pile of hats, boots, mittens, coats, etc. Bethany was even kind enough to pick up the snowballs that made it into the house.

When Matt got off work, he was kind enough to bring us dinner. I kind of feel like I should have cooked something for our guests, but I didn't for a variety of reasons. One I don't like cooking. I don't feel like I am all that great of a cook. Secondly, Bethany is a fantastic cook. So cooking for someone who can cook is intimidating to me! :) Also, life has been so busy!! It would have been stressful for me to pull something together. So I decided take out was the way for me to go. We ordered out from Red Robin.

Even though I didn't cook an actual meal. I did make brownies (out of a box...sigh) and buy ice cream. Josh seemed to really enjoy it! As he used 2 spoons to eat his.

After dinner the kids played and Bethany showed me how to make these awesome magnets.

I saw them in her etsy shop and asked her to bring some for me to purchase. Not only was she cool enough to do that, she showed me how to do them myself!

Bethany told me about an amazing idea she had. She wanted to make the boys each a magnet for Christmas with a picture of them with Annalie. She just didn't have time to get it done before our visit. Of course, I LOVED that idea, so we got busy making those magnets.

Here are our finished products:

They are so cute!! LOVED this idea!! Thanks Bethany!

Of course before they left, we had to get a picture of the kids.

This is my new favorite picture of them! Annalie and Alex LOOOVVEEE each other. Every picture we have ever taken of them they are always by each other. At dinner they announced that they were going to marry each other. Which is fine by both Bethany and I. However, Josh didn't like that one bit. He had a melt down that he couldn't sit by Annalie at dessert time. Even though he got to sit by her at dinner. And Zach was like -whatever, I am happy to be in the picture I guess. :) This picture speaks a thousand words and sums up the night. :)

Here is the picture of all of us. Only one missing is Troy as he is out to sea. All in all it was a great night!! And we are counting the days til we get to see them again next week! :)

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  1. I love this post! I might just throw up some photos on my own blog and then link to your post so I don't have to write my own, ha! You know we had a blast, and don't even think twice about feeding us takeout. You know I love to eat restaurant food just as much as I love to eat home cooking. :-) Also, you win a prize for taking that extremely flattering photo of me holding the snowball...that might be the best photo anyone's taken of me in months.

    Can't wait for Saturday, woohoo!