Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rescheduled Christmas #2

Tuesday night was our rescheduled Christmas #2 with my mom and Ralph. We were sad that my step-sister and her family weren't able to join us, but with rescheduling things it gets difficult to get everyone together again! I wasn't in the mood to cook (really when am I in the mood to cook?) so we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

This seems to be the boys new favorite restaurant. Not because of the food- don't get me wrong the food isn't bad. Its because they have crane games. I personally don't get the fascination of this game. But that is because I have never won anything!! Alex and Zach are pros. Tonight Zach won an elephant and a dragon.

Alex won a stuffed animal named Crash. I am not sure exactly what his stuffed animal is. (He doesn't look happy in this picture because he didn't want me to take another picture of him. You would think they would be used to all the pictures I take of them by now! :))

Josh played the candy crane instead of the stuffed animal crane. He would rather have candy than a stuffed animal plus its cheaper. :) He watches his nickles!!

It was a nice dinner. Especially since none of us had to do the dishes!! :) After dinner we came back to our house to open presents.

Josh, Alex, Zach, Anita

One of the things Grandma and Grandpa gave the boys was a camera. They have enjoyed taking pictures. They really like that they can download them onto their computer to look at the pictures they took. Say CHEEEEESSSEEE!!




My parents also gave them slinkys, which all my boys have called springs. They have had a ton of fun with those too!

After presents, we all had dessert together. My mom brought over ice cream and kringle (a danish pastry)! YUM!!

We had a really nice night together. I am happy that we were able to reschedule due to the weather.


  1. Very cool that they got a camera!! and that Kringle looks super tasty. Yay for extended Christmas's.

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I particularly like Josh's face in the first photo.