Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rescheduled Christmas #3

New Year's Day was our last rescheduled Christmas due to the bad weather we had. Originally, both my aunts and uncles and a cousin were going to come up from Kansas. Due to the rescheduling, only one aunt and uncle were able to make it. But we were really happy that they did!

We arrived at my aunt Mary Carol and uncle Harry's house in the afternoon in hopes to go sledding at their farm. Unfortunately, it was WAY too cold for that. There was a wind chill advisory so we decided to stay inside. My cousin Wade and uncle Harry had some electric trains for the boys to put together and play with. If you know my boys, you KNOW they were in HEAVEN!! They all squealed with delight when they saw the tracks. They had a bigger set in the basement.

And they had a smaller one upstairs that in years past they put around their Christmas tree. They had a blast!

When they got the trains running Josh thought it was a lot of fun to be the tunnel.

While the kids played trains, us adults chatted away while munching on delicious food.

Matt and Ralph played some cribbage.

Josh played detective.

Allison and Alex had fun together too.

After a while it was time to open presents! What fun that always is!! We all gathered in the living room and took turns opening presents.

After we opened gifts it was time to eat!!

After dinner we had some wine...

and desserts. Since this side of my family is Sweedish, we had ostakaka with lingon berries over it.

It was a wonderful night!! Mary Carol and Harry sure know how to host an amazing party! :) It was great to be able to see (almost) everyone at Christmas. I can't wait til we can all get together again!

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  1. Putting that adorable dottery plate to good use I see! You guys had like a month long Christmas this year, that's awesome!